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  1. A boy of Chris is a boy of mine as-well. Happy Birthday Charles.
  2. BearMan

    The Strays [Recruitment Closed] [Archive]

    Welcome to all the people I was to inactive to welcome awhile ago. I'll make time to actually be in game...I swear.
  3. BearMan

    S3 Bad RP/ RDM South of NW

    My stand point, The second of the two men shooting you and the one that end up killing you. You not only had your gun raised prior to us sending rounds in your direction. As you were taking cover behind the bush in front of the position of the tree line we were both situated in, You still had your weapon raised in WarMachine's direction. After clearly knowing to Zig-Zag yourself to the very bush you stopped in after the "Unclear initiation" as you were fired at from myself and Jake. You had your gun raised after first being fired on sprinting up in our direction where I then decided to fire at you. Killing you in result for not complying to the original initiation.
  4. BearMan

    [GAME] Describe the person above you with one word

  5. BearMan

    best kills you had?

    Back in mod, Got held up by the block thinking it was S.D.S . Long story short. Got to woods around camp fire, Block had SVR hostage. Killed SVR hostage with a crowbar hit to the head for our freedom. Ran into wood. Died from losing blood from being sick. The end.
  6. I will be around. I promise. *roll credits* I'm re-installing at the moment. I am coming home.
  7. I need to be around for these things. A fire fight over a Banana. 10/10
  8. I got you little one. Already doing it Always gotta up scale me.
  9. I will make sure to be there. Only to beat my new brother in law. And for you of course. Apparently Valentin is still alive. Maybe he'll hopefully make a show Dont make me cry plz.
  10. you need to attend no dad to give ana away you gotsta do it I will make sure to be there. Only to beat my new brother in law. And for you of course.
  11. They grow up so fast.