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  1. Bazz

    S1 | Invalid Execution | Kabanino | 7/31/2017 18:00

    POV: I was Rping in kab when i notice one of my guys up the road on his own speaking to someone so i decide to take a stroll up the road and i'm met with a rude rude Russian @Jamie the first person who came in to contact with jamie was @Zeonmoonbean when i walked over they was arguing so i jump in and took over the situation, me and the op exchanged hostile words as seen in the video evidence. I get bored of the constant back chat and rude attitude from the op so i whip the boom stick out and tell him to put his fucking hands up, we take him in to piano with his 2 friends and we begin to tie them up and question them, the op is still being rude even tho i told more then once to drop the attitude and cut the shit, he finally stops after being knocked out by @TheProxJack he wakes up and finally stops we rp a bit more then one of the dynamics who was with us (i don't know his name sorry) wants @Jamie to put a dress on for some strange reason, jack then asked him if he was going to wear the dress he tells jack no with some attitude and swearing and his brains get splattered. I rp with the other hostages a bit more but i decided to let them go as they didn't really give me any trouble and was just taken hostage because of there mouthy friend. other people involved was: @Zeonmoonbean the rest was dynamics and didn't get there names
  2. We was all in kab and i was rping with some civs once the rp was over because the civs went to stary i walk over to to big group witch was my group and see a dead body on the ground i then walk off. I don't know any other information i can bring to the report tbh. i would like to add in the pokes he didn't put them in order so it might get taken out of context Me: you free to speak ? or nah Him: thought I told him to leave it at the report Me: bro accidents happen, you can clearly see he didn't mean to Him: Leave. it. At. The. Report Me: You're rude man Him: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Me: enjoy yourself in the community pal Him: I will, thanks Me:
  3. POV. I run over to the boys and see a dead guy on the floor, i'm also the one in the teamspeak pokes
  4. Bazz

    S1 BadRP | Kabanino | 7/29/2017 | 4pm

    I thought i did but turns out my playstv wasn't working
  5. Bazz

    S1 BadRP | Kabanino | 7/29/2017 | 4pm

    Devin O Dennell POV: We bump in to 2 UN at kab and began to RP with them, We all express our hate towards Russians and ask why the UN are working with them @Galaxy explains the situations between the UN and Russians but starts to act rude while doing, so we cut the RP and tell him to leave as its our town now, they leave the compound and turn towards stary. we wasn't using TS as we was doing it all in game, the code name was dropped for us to initiate @TheProxJack drops it and i aim my gun , one of the UN comply's and puts his hands up so its currently a 4v1 i move my hand off my mouse for a split second and end up getting dropped.
  6. Devin O’Donnell was born 30th of july 1990 in a town call westport, Ireland. Devin was born an only child with only just having his father and mother in his life. Devin's father work in a factory not to far from where he lived and his mother was a stay at home mother looking after Devin, as he grew up he started to notice things about his father like having a black beret and green balaclava and a uniform of some sort. When Devin was old enough he confronted his father about the uniform, his father sat him down and explained everything to him and told him he was apart of a organisation called the IRA and this is where he was introduced to his fathers friend Brian O’Krey who was also apart of the IRA. Many years later Devin went to a place called South Zagoria where he was meet up with Brian and his son Liam where he was introduced to the new Organisation where he would help Brian run a pub. After civil war broke out Devin helped Brian run an arms dealing business in which Brian got set up and caught and sent to prison. In 2017, Brian broke out of prison when martial law broke out and rejoined his son and the boys back at the pub. Now the day to day routine is roaming around finding survivors and supplies.
  7. Bazz

    DayZRP Community Lore - Post-Wipe

    ooooooooooooooo cheeky
  8. Bazz

    #53 - S1 EU - 07/15/17 21:30 - Invalid Kill (role played)

    Damian Grim POV: We was in kab as a dynamic group with a lot of people couldn't name them all, we are fighting PAU when @lukzo2024 says he had a group of people in the house, he tells them 3 times to leave because we are in an active fire fight but they still chose to stay in the house for some weird reason we finish the fire fight with no one hurt. We all approach the house 6+ and all tell them to come out with there hands up it takes a number of shots and people screaming for them to actually do so, once they all come out the house we line them up and strip them of there guns,vests,backpacks, and then frisked for there radios and began to tie them up, witch is followed by some great RP in my opinion, i would also like to point out that @King was rude and was continuously talking back when he was told to stop a number of times, once all the RP was over for about 30/45 minuets i maybe wrong. It all ended with us making a deal with some weird dude, the hostages for some AK'S we all run off and gun shots are heard [@King dying.] I do not have any video evidence.
  9. Bazz

    #50 - S1 EU - 07/13/17 ~1:00 - Bad RP, Trolling

    If you want to speak on ts and speak about it its up to you i'm always on so if so just poke me.
  10. Bazz

    #50 - S1 EU - 07/13/17 ~1:00 - Bad RP, Trolling

    Damian Grim's POV: So me & @lukzo2024 & @Ali Weston Bump in to @Joffrey & a guy wearing a red beret in Stary. The guy in the beret was being rude and hostile the whole time so i was throwing some insults and being hostile back, he then ran towards Kab so we followed to see if he was meeting any friends. We got bored of him a deiced to pick on @Joffrey. i came up to him putting on a chines high pitched accent to take the piss out of his friend and mocking the whole situation, i also tried strong arming him for his weapon asking him to trade for apples. He began to be hostile so i was being hostile back, he got on the radio to call his boys so i copied and did the same thing. When they told @lukzo2024 to fuck off i new they was going to initiate on me so i told @Ali Weston to run and get ready, i then put my gun on my back because i didn't want to risk getting shot for when they initiate on me. Initiation drops i put my hands up and start meeting there demands I.E putting my gun on the floor and backpack and vest witch i don't agree with because how can someone do that while having there hands up but i did it anyway to prevent myself getting shot. I see @lukzo2024 pushing behind and start shooting at @Joffrey. @lukzo2024 kills 2 and knocks out 1. I run to a body and pick up a gun to finish of the person who was knocked out. while doing so i was shot from behind and killed. I have no video evidence unfortunately.
  11. Bazz

    #43 - S1 EU - 07/10/17 15:29 - Invalid Kill (role played), Meta gaming, Baiting

    his AFK but yes we would like to also close the report
  12. Bazz

    #43 - S1 EU - 07/10/17 15:29 - Invalid Kill (role played), Meta gaming, Baiting

    @dankusmemeus if you would like we can discuss this on ts as there is no new information & you and just trying to go back and forth with us.
  13. Bazz

    #43 - S1 EU - 07/10/17 15:29 - Invalid Kill (role played), Meta gaming, Baiting

    It was never @Jxkey & @Mattsxo intentions to initiate other wise they would have done it before. When i got to kab @Jxkey joined my comms where i was already speaking to @TheProxJack. @Jxkey explained there was 2 people with them and they were SAS super soldiers, Not once did @Jxkey Mention it was @dankusmemeus AKA BilBo @Jxkey then muted and was RPing with the OP that's when i was introduced to @dankusmemeus and he told me his name was Bilbo. I spoke the @TheProxJack and said is he interested in robbing the guys, we both agreed. @Jxkey & @Mattsxo was not told about the initiation. We told @Jxkey and @Mattsxo last second we was going to initiate and obviously because we was in their dynamic they didn't take to kindly for you aiming your gun at @TheProxJack as you can see in his POV: https://plays.tv/video/5963ef9c0512fa805c/evidence-2
  14. Bazz

    #43 - S1 EU - 07/10/17 15:29 - Invalid Kill (role played), Meta gaming, Baiting

    Regarding OOC that was nothing todo with me, but for @Kaineg1994 in the video he looks around for good 2-3 seconds when he just got told to put his hands up if he had time to look around and react he had time to press F2