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  1. Devin O Donnell

    Devin O’Donnell was born 30th of july 1990 in a town call westport, Ireland. Devin was born an only child with only just having his father and mother in his life. Devin's father work in a factory not to far from where he lived and his mother was a stay at home mother looking after Devin, as he grew up he started to notice things about his father like having a black beret and green balaclava and a uniform of some sort. When Devin was old enough he confronted his father about the uniform, his father sat him down and explained everything to him and told him he was apart of a organisation called the IRA and this is where he was introduced to his fathers friend Brian O’Flannagan who was also apart of the IRA. Many years later Devin went to a place called South Zagoria where he was meet up with Brian and his son Liam where he was introduced to the new Organisation where he would help Brian run a pub. After civil war broke out Devin helped Brian run an arms dealing business in which Brian got set up and caught and sent to prison. In 2017, Brian broke out of prison when martial law broke out and rejoined his son and the boys back at the pub. Now the day to day routine is roaming around finding survivors and supplies.
  2. we da realest in the south


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      You chav!

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      makes me want a double heart.

  4. ooooooooooooooo cheeky
  5. </3 see ya in 7 days boys 

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      mad shizz

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      Holy Fuck meme, That ones hotter than a phallic nugget.  Careful mate.


      Bazz...my man...battlegrounds?

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      so brave

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  7. could it be.......... is he back for lore wipe ?

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  9. rip beanz

  10. Do ya like dags ??

  11. happy 1000 dayz 

  12. To all my house lovers 

  13. someone help me with my profile song ?


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      on the real though, although I love DMX and it was a real suggestion, how about Stormzy? if not this song, he has better ones you may like.





      Fire in the Booth, Wish hot 97 did this again, but they don't, jealous cause we had it first.