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  1. Sully

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    • Bazz

    roadkill <3


    1. SweetJoe


      hope your doin great.

  3. deserter...........

    1. Infamous


      what you on about? 

    2. SweetJoe


      Anyone smell Bacon?

    3. Bazz


      just a yoke

    4. Infamous


      I thought u was dead

  4.  Free my guys still banned. Who can i pay to get my young drilla unbanned 

    1. SweetJoe


      Bazz brother what poppin. 


      Asked rednames, they told me that they only accept Anime Weeb-style Bribes. so. dead-end I'm afraid. That's a realm that men don't travel. nope, Ive gotta stay in the realm of everlasting torment like a real man. so maybe you can cozy up to the admins with anime as per a rednames recommendation? 


      anyway good to see ya still alive a kickin mate.

    2. Bazz


      this is why you was my favourite haha

  5. Hiyaaaaaaaaaa

    1. SweetJoe


      missed ya.

    2. Bazz


      missed you guys to <3

  6. WildCurtosRP

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    Hello friend I hope you have a great day and eternal happyiness

  7. nice profile bro ;) 

    1. Infamous


      Sound lad 

  8. giphy.gif

    See you on the flip jack, ima pour some yack for you bro 

    1. shookyaaa


      hell ye nigga

    2. KyleRP


      o7 my guy

  9. Bazz

    S1 | Invalid Execution | Kabanino | 7/31/2017 18:00

    POV: I was Rping in kab when i notice one of my guys up the road on his own speaking to someone so i decide to take a stroll up the road and i'm met with a rude rude Russian @Jamie the first person who came in to contact with jamie was @Zeonmoonbean when i walked over they was arguing so i jump in and took over the situation, me and the op exchanged hostile words as seen in the video evidence. I get bored of the constant back chat and rude attitude from the op so i whip the boom stick out and tell him to put his fucking hands up, we take him in to piano with his 2 friends and we begin to tie them up and question them, the op is still being rude even tho i told more then once to drop the attitude and cut the shit, he finally stops after being knocked out by @TheProxJack he wakes up and finally stops we rp a bit more then one of the dynamics who was with us (i don't know his name sorry) wants @Jamie to put a dress on for some strange reason, jack then asked him if he was going to wear the dress he tells jack no with some attitude and swearing and his brains get splattered. I rp with the other hostages a bit more but i decided to let them go as they didn't really give me any trouble and was just taken hostage because of there mouthy friend. other people involved was: @Zeonmoonbean the rest was dynamics and didn't get there names
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