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  1. Jannik


    holy shit

    I checked dayzrp today because i was bored and I see some staff  members (not all) that says that if you do not play a black man in a certain way or a Muslim or white man  in a certain way you are a racist and may be banned. hmm from this I can conclude that all those who played in Cerna Liska are racist. fuck that you once got the group of the year, and that people liked your role play. YOU ARE ALL racist and should be banned.

    @Stagsview I vote for you to be banned first as the leader of this group ? 

    come on now and get down from the pink cloud. IT IS A Fucking Game 

    some of you should move to teletubbies land  



    ps. so I just noticed now. That the 2 people in the picture are white. I have already send a complaint to the television company  behind the Teletubbies. Fucking racist television Company.


    1. Stagsview


      Man, where is the black telitubby

    2. Ron


      @Stagsviewis the worst , Jannik. We always knew. No one would listen and now look where it brought us ❤️

    3. Craig


      Get uSx @Unknown Entity in here also.

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