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  1. So disappointed  

  2. Good luck with the group I look forward to meeting you all
  3. More fodder for the zombies (welcome)
  4. Kasper a young man with 10 years in the Danish army. Kasper comes from a town named Esbjerg where he had a reputation for being a wild boy. the teachers said at an early age that he would never turn into anything. however, he did manage to finish high school, before being called in for military service for 6 months, which he earned in Holstebro. after the 6 months, Kasper was offered, a career in the military with the possibility of deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan. To which he said yes. 4 months late with intensive training, was Kasper sent to Iraq for 6 months the best time in Kasper's life was when he was deployed. so he chose to be deployed 2 more times. 1 in Iraq and 1 time in Afghanistan. This character is W-I-P and will not be rp'ed until it is prepared for it.
  5. Dont fuck with the apes (nice one Patz)
  6. Jacob is a young man from South Africa, who moved with his parent to Denmark when he was very young, he is worked as a mason, one a day when a Danish party began to go against everything that was not Danish and the Danish political landscape began to strike down hard on immigrants, Jacob which was itself seen as an immigrant chose to fight this policy, by helping refugees from Africa to get to Europe. One day Jacob got an offer to join a big smuggler ring where his job would be to smuggle people from Turkey to Bulgaria, Romania and South Zagoria. Jacob said yes to the offer and it turned out that he was good at smuggling people. ona day in South Zagoria he was stopped by a blockade and commanded to turn around and go to cherno. when he came to the port of cherno, he could see heaps of people trying to get aboard his boat. a group of men threw him overboard. He was later told that people were beeing insan and was beaten to death. and that it was a virus. Jacob decided to meet up with a group of African Chernarussians which he knew about. more will be added
  7. yes it is only understandable that you're trying to forget that group because it was shit by the way I remember you too
  8. I had completely forgotten that group and I was in it
  9. thanks to @Craig for the RP Today is was cool
  10. Jannik Hansen is the brother of Jesper Hansen who is a known member of Cerna Liska he is 27 years old. he was born in Denmark, his father is Danish and his mother are Chernarussian, so in a early age Jannik chose to apply for the Chernarussian citizenship. Janniks parents died shortly after in a car crash. Jannik and Jesper spent 9 years at different foster families. later on jannik finished college, and got a job as a sycologist. but he felt that after a few years he would try to make contact with his family in Chernarus now that the civil war was over. Welcome to fucking Chernarus Jannik traveled to Chernarus to meet his mother's family for the first time, the first thing Jannik encountered was racist outcry against him because he sounded like a foreigner. Jannik met his family in a small town named Staroye. 2 weeks later a small group of thieves broke into the family's house a brawl broke out Jannik's grandparents was stabbed to death, Jannik got hold of a shotgun that was his grandfathers and shot 2 of the thieves, his grandfathers last word was Welcome to fucking Chernarus. The day after. Jannik was found by the local police in the house with blood all over him, In the garden, the police found the 2 thieves who had been hanged on a cross Jannik was a broken man. The devil's hospital Jannik was punished and sent to a mental hospital where he sat confined until the outbreak. Jannik sought shelter in a small house in the middle of a forest to the day he heard of a half-blood who ran around and killed foreigners it was only later that he heard that the name of the half-blood was Jesper that he found out his brother was in Chernarus. his goal now was to find his brother. (more will be added)
  11. i understand what you mean Ron. but it also does not make sense that people are risking their characters life when they run into a firefight. who would do it in real life not me. as you said ¨This is not a paintball match / team death match server.¨ the reason I started this thread is because I see more and more stupid people that use the rules as a shield in these kinds of situations, and then reports someone for KOS. Fortunately, they are closed after a conversation between people who are involved
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