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  1. Jannik


     my quality of RP is still very bad. that's why I joined Cerna Liska then I could play with others that are just as bad as me. But that is just in my eyes 😄

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      Cerna who? 😁

    4. Jannik


      haha yes, who am I talking about?

  2. Jannik

    Cerna Liska Media Thread

    sorry that is just me masturbating and smoking most smoking
  3. Jannik

    Cerna Liska Media Thread

    Roman and Cook after a good day's work
  4. Jannik

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    I would like to thank the radio tower I was in ( I was overwatch) for that amazing RP 10/10 and thank you for not killing me / for not being bugged.
  5. Jannik

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    Do we really need to put any effort in to that kind of rp??? or is it just laughable? 😄

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    2. Jannik


      wow you are so inactive on discord

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      i just woke up 😞

  6. Jannik

    Cerna Liska Media Thread

    @AndreyQ, @Craig and my self trying to tell @Roman which way he should run. which is a big task in itself.
  7. Jannik

    Cerna Liska Media Thread

    New Cerna Liska Firefight Tactics 3 man stack. 5 man stack Coming soon
  8. Jannik

    S1: RDM - Zelenogrosk 11/10/18 - 19:30

    POV: I am Jesper Hansen i was on overwatch. I was on the hill ad Zelenogorsk and i spot 2 people down by the two barns and I tell my friends that they could check it out. They meet the OP and who I think is a free medic. I'm still on the same hill when I hear shots and I can hear over the radio that someone is shooting after my friends. i run to the vest side of the barns and shoots at the people who shot after my friends and i know i killed one. (You can see my route on the map below ) my game did not for some reason render in the base build walls in the barns.
  9. Jesper Hansen, he was born in Denmark, his father is Danish and his mother are Chernarussian, so in a early age Jesper chose to apply for the Chernarussian citizenship. Jespers parents died shortly after in a car crash. Jesper spent 9 years at different foster families and he never feelt that he really fitted into the families. as unfortunately happens to many young people, Jesper began to go with the wrong people where he stole and sold everything from stolen property to drugs. one day where Jesper was out to sell some drugs a police officer tried to arrest Jesper, but Jesper was quick and stabbed the officer down. After a a small manhunt Jesper was arrested. Because of Jespers Chernarussian citizenship was he sent to Chernarus to resign his sentence. 1 year later Jesper succeed to get out of jail because a virus had created chaos all over Chernarus . In the midst of all the chaos Jesper found a little house far out in a forest where he sought shelter
  10. Jannik

    Hello I am Jannik

    I dont think so sorry
  11. Jannik

    Hello I am Jannik

    ty ark aka scrublord. now go on and whitelist me and many thanks to everyone else
  12. Jannik

    Hello I am Jannik

    Svensk rumphål
  13. Jannik

    Hello I am Jannik

    just wanted to say hi to you all. I am back
  14. Jannik

    S1: RDM/No time to respond - RDM via hand grenade.

    @idole In this video which you have given us. Did you have your hands up throughout the video?
  15. Jannik

    Staff Feedback

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