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  1. @idole In this video which you have given us. Did you have your hands up throughout the video?
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  2. Staff Feedback

    - User was warned for this post -
  3. 2016 Staff Member of the Year nominations

    Nominee: @Staggs Reason: He is undoubtedly the most hard-working staff member that we have had in a long time. He is an elite unit which you send in when everything is going down hill, for example when he came back as GM and now as Lore Master. he works hard and you can clearly see it in his verdicts. #staggs4admin2017 Evidence: all he has done the last year
  4. Staff Feedback

    hey Rampage I'm not here to create drama. but I want to know when the GM´s have begun to write verdicts on what they feel and not on what the rules says? because I think it's happened a few time in the last few months. But I will say that the verdict in the report from Nihoolious was right and that you "feelings" when it comes to being afk is right. some feedback to you now when I here. I was skeptical when you came back to staff due to what happened the last time you were in staff. but I'm not skeptical anymore you have done a very good job and you are very active in the report section. keep it up
  5. thank you. I also enjoyed your roleplay it was 10/10
  6. Surprise Mini Event Aftermath.

    Thanks dad i am proud of me to. I think it was a good event and there are always things that can be improved like the pvp.
  7. Election Day

    If you want the USA to be Great Again then vote for Putin for President of America #Putinislove #Putiniseverything The Russian bear predicted Trump to be president. Trump is nothing compared to Putin
  8. Election Day

    If you want the USA to be Great Again then vote for Putin for President of America #Putinislove #Putiniseverything
  9. Election Day

    From the information I could find it is only 50% who votes in USA. keep in mind if you do not vote you can not complain because you had a choice no matter how corrupt it is. this is for you who hates elections
  10. Man, you better check your self before your reflection drown you. Pfft, like you're aids enough to bring back b-17. Anyway...have a good day son. why are you mad at me Dad it is just banter
  11. as the selfish person that I am, have I decided to say happy birthday to myself and I do not care others think about it my wishlist is: that Rolle will allow me to bring back b-17
  12. Staff roast

    IT WAS SO BAD!!! Dora you can do better