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  1. Id like it to be known that I Prootzy Zoots/Lute/"William 'Bill' Taylor" am in no way involved with this There was talk about starting a group with a couple people but I leave for a couple days and come back to see Im now part of this forum post, listed as a character I havent even met Xaviues or Sam on
  2. I MUST find that Gorillaz shirt
  3. William 'Bill' Taylor was born and raised in the state of Texas and grew to be a proud patriotic American. Right out of high school he went to his local recruitment center and signed up for basic training which he completed and went on to become a weapons technician which he did for many years though was never deployed overseas or took part in any combat missions. Bill married his high school sweetheart after he had settled into his job position and together they had a daughter. The Taylor family stayed living in Houston but would take many trips when Bill was given the time, one of these trips was planned hastily to a new country called Chernarus, the brochures spoke of lush forests, tall mountains, crystal lakes and more, and Bill being an adventurous and generally athletic type jumped on the opportunity after discussing it with his wife and after a while packed their bags and made way for the country. While there Bill and his family got to enjoy a lot of the things that were shown and promised but shortly before the family were planning on going back home the country went into a pandemic and eventually lockdown. Bill tried to do what he could to get both he and his family out of the country and back to the United States but most of all try to keep them safe, but thats where he failed. Tensions rose up in one of the camps and a riot broke out where people started running out and people started getting separated in all of the confusion, Bill ended up losing his wife and daughter in the chaos and when the military started rounding people up again Bill took a quick look and the crowd to see if he could see his family and when he didnt, he ran. Its been a while and Bill is still looking for his family, still holding out hope they are out there alive somewhere and hes determined to do whatever he needs to do to find them. He ventures the forests, plains, cities and town using his military experience to survive and try to find out what he can in regards to his family
  4. Yes I would like for this report to be closed. Thank you
  5. This is true Im just unable to delete the topic myself
  6. Server and location: Chernarus #1 Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2020-06-12 13:35(may be a few minutes off, just happened) Your in game name: Richard Teale Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: Unknown name Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): No Detailed description of the events: After spawning in Bor I made my way to Pavlovo, while passing the military base outskirts I decided to maybe check it out when a man in a full ghillie suit walked up to me and held me up by pointing his AK style rifle at me, I complied with his demands, dropping my stuff(my backpack) and using the F5 Surrender emote to allow him to search my inventory to his leisure. After he searched he instructed me to give him my unloaded pistol and all of my food and drink. After which he made his leave and ran off down to road, I stayed put as to not have him think I was following and getting myself shot.
  7. Richard Teale(pronounced Teal) is an American born man in his late 20s. All throughout growing up he and his family would constantly go camping or take trips around the country and sometimes to countries abroad. Growing up like this he grew a fascination for nature, history, geography and travel of all kinds, he took up sports like skiing and cross country. As soon as he graduated college he sold everything he had and used all of his savings to take a year off to backpack across Europe/Asia and countries he either spent little time in or flat out have not yet been to. Toward the end of his trip he had heard of a country called Chernarus which apparently just gotten out a long state of war and travel was booming to the area with pictures of vast dense woods, clear lakes, a night life, and lush mountains. He took the last bit of money he had from his trip and quickly jumped on the next plane. He spent time backpacking around the country and the cities, learning bits of history where he could. However, as he was there the country experienced an flu outbreak, as he tried to make his way out of the country like many other tourists the country went into lockdown, no one was going in or out. When they started relocating people from their homes to camps, some people ran, including Richard, he met a group of locals while there who he joined and they all made for the deep woods, Richard being confident in situation due to spending long periods of time outdoors anyway. The group spent the next while with each other, however as things in the country got more chaotic and basic necessities dwindling there was a heavy strain put on the group and during one night the locals of the group decided to rob and abandon Richard, leaving him completely alone and with only the clothes on his back, his prior confidence is certainly being tested and drained. He is secretly fearful of what is going to become of him, and what he may have to do to survive and get out of this place.
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