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  1. Occupation: Worked for an engineering company in the south of England, in charge of calibrating the measurement devices that the company produced. Was taken on as a trainee at the age of 18 thanks to his father who already worked for the company, as although he did okay in school, he didn't get on in further education and took this opportunity for a career which resulted in him working his way up, learning as he went on developing a specific skill set that helped him with his job eventually getting him to the position that he was most interested in. Personality traits: Quite tech savvy, loves playing with new tech and discovering new things, very open minded, relaxed but serious headstrong and straight forward when the time calls for it. Always willing to help and lend a hand where he can. Tendency to form strong bonds and friendships especially during hard times willing to be good support for others in this time also, leading to strong loyalties and willingness to defend these bonds. How he came to Chernarus: After 7 years of hard work for the engineering company and getting to where he wanted to be, his father suggested to take a holiday, to which Matthew suggested Chernarus as his friend had moved over there for work back in 2016 and thought it would be a good opportunity to catch up after all these years, to which his father was all on board for as his father was a history and war enthusiast he had interests in seeing the historical landmarks in Chernarus, and Matthew thought this would be some good father son bonding time too. The trip was from the middle of February for around a month staying in several places around the country well at least the places they could go at that point in time, not knowing that they would become trapped there before the return flight was due to depart. Matthew never ended up meeting his friend due to the chaos. Matthew and his Father ended up stuck in the Airport hoping to return to England as things started to worsen in Chernarus fearing for their safety. As things deteriorated it became clear that Matthew and his father had to leave the Airport and try and find a safer place to hold out until this crisis was over, but it never ended only got worse as the looting and panic started in the chaos and carnage Matthew got separated from his father. Matthew feared the worst for his father, he wanted to try and find him but the infected presence forced him to retreat for fears for his own safety and had to come to terms with the fact that his father probably didn't survive and mourned his father and with his last charge of his phone sent loving messages to his family informing them that he would try and survive remain safe with the hopes that one day be able to return to England and reunite with his family, but as time went on it became clear that that seemed like a distant reality.
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