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  1. John Karthus began life in a small village called Polperro in Cornwall, his earliest memories are of the long walks he would take with his family along the idealistic beaches and flourishing countryside. Although John only lived in Polperro until the age of 10, these are some of his most cherished memories. Russia was the next land that John resided in, he lived with his parents in Moscow for 9 years and worked as a mechanical engineer, the days where long but he learnt a great deal of useful knowledge in car mechanics, and felt relatively contempt with his life. After many years living in Moscow, Johns mother tragically passed away in a car accident, a drunk driver collided head on with her vehicle, killing her immediately. John was struck harshly by this loss, and decided it would be best to move away from the place that held such depressing and dark memories. In 2001 John moved to Chernogorsk, where he worked as a small time self-employed mechanic, he found peace in the countryside there, which in many ways reminded him of his childhood home. Finding belonging with the local populace, John married to a woman called Elise Petrov and together they grew their mechanic business to owning 3 separate garages across Chernarus. John Lived happilly with his wife until the outbreak, when the news came in of dead men coming to life John and his wife fled Chernogorsk and headed into the more rural areas of Chernarus, they lived off berries and walnuts, and whatever else they could find in the forest, for months they lived like nomads, avoiding people and the undead as much as possible. Every night as the clouds darkened and the cold harsh wind swept through the foggy forests they lay hidden in, John grew more and more impacient, more and more unsatisfied with his new life. He decided to try and look for other survivors in one of the nearby villages and came accross a small group of travellers, they seemed welcoming and looked well fed and organised, John decided it would be best for him and his wife to join them, however with every passing minute John spent with these people, the more worried he became. His worries turned out to be in good reason, as a few days later John woke to his belongings stolen, and his wife missing, he spent weeks searching for her but was unsuccessful. Although hope may be lost for Elise, he cannot help but keep searching, in hope that one day they may meet again.
  2. It doesn't look like the objects will have gravity as such. Imagine DayZ Epoch base building with a lot more freedom. Ok sounds good! looking forward to the release
  3. Does this mod have a level of object gravity? Looks good but may lag servers out if there is gravity by the looks of the vid
  4. Really useful, may help stop those stereotypical names
  5. Wow so many new Russian clans Like the idea though, good luck
  6. Lol that would be cool, but would that really work in a apocalypse?
  7. fumbo

    Anyone looking to RP Chernarussian Defence Forces

    That would be cool, like the idea of there being a few survivors of the military
  8. I think mine was like 1500 letters odd or something similar.
  9. -Hunting Rifle/No ammo -Corn -beans -matches -torch -Mini uzi -hunting knife Yeah, im doing great...
  10. I was watching you tube and saw Psi's video on it