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  1. Maxim Zakarov was born to Dimitry and Isabelle Zakarov in St. Petersburg, Russia. Maxim was a below average student as he made his way through school, preferring to focus on sports and girls during his school years. This carried over to university where Maxim dropped out after one semester as he knew school was not for him. Instead, Maxim joined the Russian Army where he was trained as a SATCOM technician/operator. After his first enlistment Maxim applied for the Spetsnaz where he passed through his training. Although the training was hard Maxim was able to make it through where he was then assigned as the radio operator in his Spetsnaz unit. In 2016 Maxim retired from the special forces. He promptly moved to Chernarus as the cost of living was cheaper than in St. Petersburg, as well as the fact that he had fallen in love with the country after visiting it many times during his military career. Maxim now calls Charnarus home and he has witnessed the country tearing itself apart right before his eyes.
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