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  1. Born in Chicago and raised by his grandparents 'Xander' Oz was a bright young boy. He wasn't ever top of his class but he did well enough in school. Enjoyed music and had a keen interest in foreign languages. He wasn't the most handsome or the most fit but he still stayed in shape and got by alright when making friends or talking to girls. He was always pushed toward music as his grandpa had a love for it and it seems that it took hold because as soon as he got his own guitar he started playing that thing every day. This led to a life-long affinity and passion for playing musical instruments, performing live, and just being around the music scene in any way he could. From band and choir in grade school to playing at festivals and in bars, young Xander began to make a small name for himself locally and within the neighboring states around Illinois. One day he got a call from a close friend in the music business asking if he'd be interested in a small but extensive touring gig going around and playing in different bars and venues across the world. Of course he said "Yes!" as he'd never even left his home state, let alone been out of the country! Within a few short months of practicing and preparing, stressing and worrying, things were set in motion and he was off on the biggest adventure of his life.. literally. It was everything he had dreamed of and more! Seeing historical landmarks, beautiful beaches, amazing people, and even some fans along the way, this tour was shaping up to be the best thing that ever happened to him. That is, until he got to the last leg of the tour which began with a few stops in Chernarus and then on to Russia before finally returning home to the US. Maybe a little anxious about the 'Frenzied Flu' outbreaks just a month or two before he left, Xander's excitement may have waned a bit. He was still, however, riding the high of all the previous stops and experiences and he was determined to power through. Flying in to Chernarus first, he never even made it to Russia. After the first week and a couple gigs at a couple bars in Chernogorsk he had all but put the anxiety behind him when the first outbreak hit. Thinking that everything would be handled quickly and things would be fine they continued on with the tour. A week later and a show or two in Severograd and things weren't looking any better. The night after his last gig in Servograd he and his management decide to post-pone the rest of the tour.. but the quarantine is placed in effect. Now none of them can even leave the country! Rapidly things get worse, and as it looks more and more like they may never get back home, one person from his team finds and pays off a pilot with a small passenger-plane to get them out of the country at the very least. As they're on their way to the airfield they come across a military checkpoint and are told they cant leave. This causes his friends and management team to begin panicking, trying to bribe the military, and causing a scene, which subsequently led to all of them but Xander being detained. Somehow talking his way out of being arrested but still with the fear and anxiety of seeing his friends be taken away, he decides to just drive back to the hotel and wait until everything blows over. Over the next week or so his rental car gets looted, and things begin deteriorating at a fast pace. Riots, looting, fighting in the streets, it devolves to pure marital law.. and now he is forced to survive in a foreign land filled with foreign people, and a killer 'Flu.' "I just hope there's still some humanity out there..."
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