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  1. Entered the police force at the age of 18, then left to join the British army at 23.Stayed in Lithuania for 35 days during his 38 day break per year in military. Born into wealth, dad was a hunter that's why Edgar had an interest in hunting. Went to France when Edgar was younger due to his father owning a villa there. This is why Edgar knows a little french. Suffered with PTSD at 25 due to one of his friends standing on a mine, while patrolling and Edgar saw his friend get blown to pieces and thats why he is deaf in his right ear and he has scars where shrapnel entered his right arm. stayed in army to carry on what he and his friend started and also get his friends name engraved onto a tank which his crew now drive everyday on patrol. One day when Edgar was staying at his retreat he traveled to Livonia. he stayed here for a few weeks and just before he was about to go back to Britain the Livonian president declared lock down and Edgar was stuck inside his home. However a few weeks later resources was running low so Edgar went out to find resources.He then stumbled across a military camp where there was a group of troops. Edgar went towards the troops and explained he was a British troop member and he then started working with the troops to find survivors. ( this is where in game rp will start )
  2. Hi, im writing regarding a friend who applied for dayz rp and he now can create a character and so on indicating his white list got accepted however when going to white list it shows that he has to re apply ?
  3. i haven't been kicked yet so thank you i think its fixed, i'm just going to try fix my character now
  4. i'll check that now
  5. When joining it lets me into the game and kicks me.I then created my character and gave it the right name, i press play and it takes me to a new server browser. I then leave and reconnect, and it says my names wrong even though i just changed it. Please get in touch with me as i don't know whats going on
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