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  1. I know I should have taken more time to determine who was involved in the Kidnapping. My whole plan to save Dante was to sneakin and quickly deal with the threat to Dante's being, with an afterthought I had a great opportunity to RP with the other 2 men and detain the real criminal. I'm sorry to the two men that I killed and destroyed their RP experience. I thought the innocent men were with the kidnapper/s also if you're interested here is my POV, my shadowplay only captures the past 5 minutes.
  2. James Robinson is a country boy from Australia. He grewup playing every sport He could Football(AFL), Basketball, Tennis and Cricket He was never any good but He still enjoyed playing. In school He was described as a trouble maker for His teachers and always underestimated even though He would constantly prove them wrong in essays and tests. He's really shy around new people, but once He gets to know them you can't make him shut up. Once James turned 17 He enlisted in the Australian Defence Force as a Combat Engineer. His mother was a trauma surgeon and His Father was in the Australian Commando Regiment but because of His job He was barely around, James still loves and understands why His father wasn't around. James also had plans of trying to join the Commando's like his father before him. When James was 19 He managed to pass the selection for the Commando's, His job within the team was an EOD Tech and He was also cross trained to fill other roles also. In February, James and his team were sent to Chernarus with an ASIO team (Australian Security Intelligence Organisation) to find the source of rumors about an infection that was making people attack others. The team was in Chernarus without consent from the host country this made their mission have a high level of secrecy, the fake reason for the team's arrival was Environmental survey team with the fake task of updating existing maps. The Team was able to discover that people weren't just attacking people but eating them, this information was never sent back to Australia the reason being all their communication equipment had been lost somehow. James was ordered to leave the team alone to find a way to contact command, however when James went back to the Rally Point everyone was missing. The location of the team is still a mystery to James; he isn't concerned with anything like that anymore, James spends his lonely days now looking for other survivors and helping them if he can.
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