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  1. Elijah Howard was born in 1995 in the quiet town of Shenandoah, Virginia. Growing up, he was taught how to hunt various types of game through family tradition and practice. After graduating high school, he continued to refine his craft as his name was slowly but surely carved into local fame and prestige. Eventually going on to become one of the most well known hunters in his side of the state. Hoping to broaden his horizons and expand potential opportunities - he made the hard decision to leave his life of comfort and relativity to move onward to potentially brighter pastures. Eventually settling on Chernarus in 2017 after researching for rich hunting grounds with plenty of challenging game. Arriving that same year, he began his career as a local hunter and seller of furs and pelts. Even various types of meat, yet that all changed once the frenzied flu had begun to take it's toll on the world a mere year later. Elijah struggled heavily when the flu originally hit, having to close down his meager market and quarantine himself to avoid the risk of infection. After the flu had been barely contained during the first wave - his business began to pick up once more. Slowly but surely returning to his normal way of life, hunting and selling what he could to get by. Though when the third wave hit in April of 2020, Elijah had predicted that the way of life he knew was no longer going to be possible. Soon deciding to move from the more populated sections of Chernarus such as Novigrad and Southern Zagoria due to the risk of the flu, he headed north into the vast forests and rolling hills prior to martial law being instituted along with the restrictions of travel. Elijah lived off of the land for the time being, doing the best he could provided the circumstances. Eventually joining up with a group of like minded survivors who could also speak English - a rare commodity while living in Chernarus. Settling in with the new travelers, he figured it would be best to stick with them rather than part ways after a short time. Safety in numbers as they say. Elijah now travels with his newfound group, doing the best he can to survive and thrive with his companions beside him while also attempting to help others in need.
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