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  1. My name is Hans Jägermeister, I was born into a family of hunters in the woods of Bavaria, which lies a few hours West of Chernarus. As a young boy I proved to be a successful hunter. When I was 5 years old, my family moved to the woods of Northern Chernarus where they pursued their livelihood as hunters. As a young boy, I was recruited as a young hunting prodigy and served in Germany's KSK where I was an operator for many years. After this, I went to study Civil Engineering at the Technische Hochschule der Freien Stadt Danzig. After earning my PHD, I went to work as a scientist to develop rockets for the Chernarus government. When the virus broke out, I was working in my experimental weapons laboratory, and became trapped inside by hundreds of undead zombies who had accumulated outside. I sat for weeks living off my supplies in the laboratory and worrying about my family living in the dangerous world. As I began to run out of supplies at my facility, I was forced to make a forced escape from my laboratory, and fled to my families hunting cabin in the North, hoping they were still alive. When I arrived, I found my family's cabin burnt to the ground, with my family nowhere I sight. I now live as a hunting-nomad in search for my missing family.
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