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  1. David Schmitt was born in Berlin Germany as son of a local Polie Officer and a local hospitals nurse. He was told to do the right things, help the weak people and fight the evil since he was a little kid. When he reached the age of 18 he decided to join the german Military. The basic training that lasted half a year and quickly got promoted to First Sergeant after this because of his skills. David spend many years in the Army to finally become a Captain. Shortly after his promomtion he was given an offer by the NATO to join their troops and fight for Peace in the World. He accepted the offer and was sent to Chernarus in September 2009 for his first operation as NATO soldier. Davids General told him that he was going to lead a troop of scouts to different cities in Chernarus to scout out the factions of the ongoing civil war. Sometimes they had to break into barracs and steal informations about ongoing operations of the Chernarussian Republic and the ChDKZ. David never got caught. As quick and silent as he comes, he goes. His comrades named him "Ghost" because of this. After 4 Months of scouting David was told that he and his troops should move back to the Border where they would be evacuated from Chernarus. The NATO operation there was over. So David got back to the German Military for years and was handled as the countrys best sout. He teached the rookies how to be silent and invisible. Then, not long ago in April 2020 he was called by the NATO again about an top secret operation. So he went to the generals Office to get some information about that. The General told him to stay absolutely quiet about it after he leaves this room, otherwise he would get in Military Prison. So David agreed and listened to what the general got to say. David should, along with some other elite soldiers, travel to Chernarus again. The NATO got informations about some kind of Virus spreading in this area and harsh military movements going on. His troop would croos the border of Chernarus by foot in the night and then split up. That would not be that easy because the borders got closed. Every soldier got a seperate object to scout on. If David would get caught he is forbidden to reveal his Identity. He should act like an touris thats in the country for hunting. After hearing all of this David accepted. He traveled to the Chernarus border and quickly and silently like always he and his comrades managed so slip thru the border. Now David is on his way to his target "Zelenogorsk". After he found out what is going on there he will contact his troop and rally.
  2. Goore


    Hey there, some years ago i joined your community. I was new to roleplaying and did some stupid shit. I got blacklistet by your team. I got what i deserved. In the last years i gained experience in Roleplay. I know the rules now and i understand why i got banned. Well as is said, this was years ago. And i just wantet to ask if there is any way to get deleted on your blacklist and get a second chance. Greets Goore
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