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  1. Squizzer

    Make DayZRP Great Again!

    We have the rules for a reason, to promote a realistic non immersion breaking role play environment. You should probably read the verdict in the report for which you were banned before you state you were simply banned for not wearing pants, as this is not the case. By the way that statement is regarding the players not the final verdict, a significant part of the investigation was that a character not wearing any pants was, on its own, considered trolling by the prosecutor, something I deem mesmerising.
  2. Squizzer

    Make DayZRP Great Again!

    I feel the community's aura must also change for this to work, for example, when playing the ARMA:2 DayZRP Mod I noticed that the community didn't always take the game as seriously as they do now, when watching PSI's AWSOME series' you will see this. In S.A. the rules are taken right down to the very T, with every death being reported, and every new, quirky character being persecuted for being different to the same, boring, serious 'OOH I GOT HERE WHEN MY PLANE CRASHED' or 'OOH I'M PART OF THE MILITARY AND I GOT HERE WHEN MY HELIWOPPER CRASHED!' I mean, whats wrong with a character like Marty, a pot smoking, alien abduction believing, Hillbilly? I GOT PROSECUTED FOR NOT WEARING ANY F***ING PANTS! WHAT MESSAGE DOES THAT SEND? I'LL TELL YA! That DayZRP is not as good as it was, So everybody, from all nations, from every creed, race, religion, cult, sex ring, UNITE! UNITE IN THE FACE OF ADVERSITY! UNITE IN THE FACE OF THE ENEMY! We shall go on to the end, we shall fight in the forums, we shall fight in - game and on tumblr, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in our keyboards, we shall defend ARMA:2/3, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches (Of Lingor), we shall fight on the landing grounds (Of Tavaina) we shall fight in the fields and in the streets (Of Chernaraus) we shall fight in the hills (Of Namalsk) we shall never surrender, and even if, which I do not for a moment believe, these servers, or a large part of it were subjugated and crap, then our Empire beyond the seas, armed and guarded by the RP Fleet, would carry on the struggle, until, in God’s good time, the New World, with all its power and might, steps forth to the rescue and the liberation of the old. #MakeDayZRPGreatAgain
  3. I didn't hear anything, that's all I'm saying, I'd rather have proof that someone's right than having the chance that I may have been robbed outside of the rules. Furthermore to the statement "And again we knocked you out so you didn't follow us like the first time?" You didn't say where you were going. I didn't follow you, so therefore in theory ya shouldn't of knocked me out. I carried on my journey across north west and happened to run into you again, the first time we met was when YOU guys stumbled across me and held me up (once again well within the rules). Lastly, try not insult a valid case, believe it or not the Dayz voice system is shit, something they are fixing in the next patch, much to your digression, could it not just be that as I was talking and I didn't hear you say that you were going to 'knock me out'? Please upload the footage as well.
  4. The YouTube video does not prove anything. The problem is not with the first 'knocking out' in the barn, that was totally within the rules. I only have a problem with the second 'knocking out' as I did not hear any reason to why you did it. Considering you were recording at the barn I assume that you were recording when the second instance happened. If you have proof that you had a reason to knock me out on the airfield then your case is valid and no further investigation is needed.
  5. Server and location: S1 NORTH WEST Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 13/07/16 20:35 GMT Your in game name: Ramlon Gupta Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: Unsure Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed description of the events: Prior to this event I was held up (well within the rules) by this group after the suspect had labelled me as a clown due to the mask in my bag (once again well within the rules). After knocking me out they ran away to the Northwest (a fact I found out upon stumbling across them halfway across the airfield). After finding the large group some split off to come say hello. I did too willingly and without relent, saying hello and asking how they were. The suspect proceeded to talk about how he still thought I was a clown, then asked me to drop my scope on the floor, I did so willingly before walking over to his friends in the background firing guns. I tried talking to them until I was suddenly knocked out without notice. When I awoke some things were gone from my inventory. I'm not sure what but they definitely swapped something out. I'm sorry about the lack of evidence however if you have a damage log then we could find the suspect. (I will be recording my gameplay in the future hopefully. Thank you.
  6. Server and location: S1 Kabanino Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 29/06/2016 15:50 GMT Your in game name: Ramlon Gupta Names of allies involved: Not sure Name of suspect/s: Not sure Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed description of the events: I was in the house next to the shop in Kabanino when suddenly a grenade exploded killing me and maybe some others in the process. I am not sure if the grenade was thrown inside or outside the house however there was no apparent reasoning or even warning. There were around 8 give or take a few all inside the house, sitting along the edge of the main living room so it is possible that others were at least hurt in the explosion. There were also many more players outside the house whom would have heard the blast.
  7. Squizzer

    S1: Trolling/Bad RP - Kabanino - 1/6/2016 - 23.15

    After reading the OP and watching the video so far, I'm genuinely curious to hear the explanation behind crouching around, hitting the pair of pants with an axe. I suppose, in addition to that, giving them the finger? This just seems like pure trolling. There's a definite line between a character who can only communicate with pen and paper, and walking around hitting inanimate objects with an axe. And I have seen the absurdity of the character which is now trashed. I do not agree with some of the things that happened, eventually the character did get out of hand. Any consequences are applicable. I would rather it be left there with the remembrance of the character being a tried mess, an idea of a broken, child like character who didn't agree with the social laws which had once surrounded him. With an apocalypse breaking down society's rules he could flourish and be himself. Without much context the player was seen as 'trolly'­, this is not a character I will be going back to. I have done this once in the past with a character called Mitsy Quy, he much like Ning was a mute with a child like personality however with Mitsy being done much more well, with people understanding his character more. Once again any consequences are wholly applicable.­­­
  8. Squizzer

    S1: Trolling/Bad RP - Kabanino - 1/6/2016 - 23.15

    I agree with the statement 'He was getting way too much attention from people talking to him.' An action not previously thought about on my part when creating my character. However it does contradict your latter statement 'I asked him once or twice why he was not wearing any pants. The answer I got was a wave animation.' The wave was in response to the greeting 'Hey' said 15 minutes before any questions arose. I cannot imagine myself waving hello to a question about the whereabouts of my pants. In addition with 'attention from people talking to' me it is hard to answer everyone at once. I was locked in a shed, and spoken to by numerous people, furthermore I am armed with only a pen and paper to communicate. These factors must be taken into account before any prosecution.
  9. Squizzer

    S1: Trolling/Bad RP - Kabanino - 1/6/2016 - 23.15

    I'm not sure what the video is supposed to be showing. Without any sound the video is without any context. Yes I wasn't wearing pants - an act I do not see is rule breaking any way - so what? It consolidates the idea that this character is obviously broken, taking the rp with said character in a different direction. This shooting incident you also touched on was not out of rp or trolling either. My character had seen another person test firing a gun and so did the same. At the time I was with people I had met and new of my character, they knew what I was doing. So this cannot be held against me as you have no reason why, and had no intent of finding out, why I shot the gun. Finally the statement 'And the thing is that he does something like this all the time. I haven't seen him doing anything else.' holds no ground either, if you had taken a second or two out of your way to interact with the character, kind of like you did when you tried to give me pants in the video but with more of an effort to answer the question why am I behaving like I am then you would have no problem, like many others who were confused at this new odd character and then once you know him and who he is as a person you understand everything about him. The problem is, is that some people just aren't open to doing this. And once again, I have realised this absence of this kind of openness and have started from scratch, a plain, new, boring, serious, sane character like most people.
  10. Squizzer

    S1: Trolling/Bad RP - Kabanino - 1/6/2016 - 23.15

    Addresses to each incident: Jerry Can incident: I said numerous times through chat, saying for example 'Sir that's Nini's tent' and 'You stole that from Nini,' as seen in the chat log. I was ignored on several occasions as the accuser did not pay attention to the chat and intead ignored the accused altogeher. Furthermore the accused did not harm another throughout the session. Stealing incident: This was done out of pure role-play of the character and not as a form of trolling, he has the body of a man with the mind of a child, stealing (I say stealing in the blankest way possible, the tires were not taken further that across the road and could be easily returned) being a common activity for a young child to do. In addition I had been in the town for a number of days and the people had grown accustomed the accused's character as they had taken the time to talk to the accused. Pants: I had a dress on, furthermore I replied to each remark about them either through hand signals or pen and paper. Any form of roleplay was not acted out to find out the reason why the accused had no pants or his backstory in a any way except for the constant 'please put some pants on' The problem is, is that each of the accusers did not once respond to any communication done via side chat however I have recently realised the absence of focus on the side chat and have changed my character altogether. P.S I do not have any footage of the incident.
  11. He didn't speak, write or do anything. He simply came in ran around with his gun out, packed up both our tents, left, threw a teddy at us I ran to it with bear and he sprayed us down.
  12. Really because I go on any other dayz servers and they have loot everywhere even on servers with 60 people on
  13. This thread is here to tackle the problem I and I believe other people have been facing about the amount of loot. Specifically food and water. In 5 hours of straight playing I looted all the buildings in major cities such as Cherno, Electro and Berenzino as well as smaller towns such as Gorka. In my first life I was lucky to find 1 can of beans and a water bottle. My next life only got me 1 can of Pipsi. my 3rd life got me nothing and my last life got me a can of sardines and a bottle. I would really like to stress that I looted every single building following every street and path and half of them had not already been opened. With the new update of harder zombies I believe the essentails of food and water should not be this hard to find. I am not sure if I am the only one facing this problem and if this will just be overlooked however below is a poll I would like people to vote on. From your friendly neighbourhood mute, [align=right]Mitsy Quy
  14. Yep he is the guy I was with. And he just logged out right after. Just shows! Thanks guys.