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  1. Never crashed, have some stuttering before, but I think that's because of my PC. Sometimes I get kicked for "Timeout" when trying to join and sitting in the queue.
  2. Sergey was born into a poor family in a small village in the Black Mountains. Once he learned how to walk, talk, he was working with his father Kazimir around the house and in the woods. He never really visited the gym, but the hard work kept him in a really good shape. He had pretty good results in school but nobody really liked him from his classmates. His father died at his age of 17 and he had to take care of his mother Eva because she was sick. What sicknes she had Sergey couldnt remember. He was working around the house and it the woods, but he had to take a second job, because it was not enough to keep the family running and getting his mother the care she needs. Sergey turned 20 years old and everything was going pretty good in his life. His mother was moved to hospital where they took care of her and Sergey could finally spread wings and live his life. He had some friends from the high school living not far away in South Zagoria. So he decided to leave and go south. He found himself in a beatiful city of Zelenogorsk. It wasnt that beatiful after the third wave of the pandemic. He witnessed his room mate who got teard apart by the infected. He enjoyed it. Something changed inside his head. He was sick of the normal life, where you had to wake up early in the morning, brush your teeth and go to work. He saw a new opportunity in this new world.
  3. How is it going everyone. Been apart of this community back at 2015 and now got back to it. Ready and looking forward for some great RP
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