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  1. Diana, better known as Athrael, was born in the latter half of October, 1990, in a place known as Dandenong, some 40km from the heart of Melbourne, Australia. Her teenage years were predominantly spent alone, as she was ostracized by her peers due to her height. She used this time to study, primarily, taking an interest in old history books. A lot of her early life is boring, in comparison with her later years. She went through school as per what was required of children, before graduating and joining the Australian Defense Force, or better known as the ADF. To others, this is the Australian military. She was 18 when she joined, and stayed for 4 years, working her way up to Lance Corporal. She eventually was deployed overseas, and stayed until she was injured in combat- a bullet that barely scraped the side of her head, and left a deep scar- and was discharged. She returned to Melbourne, and made a pitiful attempt at rekindling her old life. She left the army at the age of 22, and used the money she had saved from her time in the military to move overseas, again, but this for residency and employment, as opposed to military service. She moved to the city of Chernogorsk, with a VERY basic level of understanding when it came to the language. She could read a bit, but couldn't speak the language. A few months into her stay, she met an English-speaking Chernorussian woman by the name of Augusta. To save everyone the painful details, they got together, and a year later, got married in secret. Augusta, unlike Diana, was stuck deep in the closet, not wishing anyone save for close friends and family to know her sexuality, and so, Diana did as she wished and kept it a secret. A few years on, pandemic struck, and Augusta and Diana were caught in the epicenter. Late 2018, Augusta fell sick to the virus, much to the chagrin of Diana. Despite her years of training, she had no idea what to do, and her confusion only grew when Augusta grew violent. Diana took a chance, and locked Augusta in their bedroom. She couldn't feed her without Augusta slashing out at her, but she couldn't live in the same house as her, and so the woman fled. Diana fled to the north, and decided she'd sooner wait out this virus than try anything else, and so she took up residence at an old, unmarked town. An empty town was likely better than a city full of infected, after all. She stayed there for the following two years, mainly living off the land, rather then face her old home city and any potential horrors it may harbour.
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