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  1. Andrew Blake, before the outbreak he was working has a car mechanic for himself, living on a farm he was also selling hay bales to round off the end of the months. Two year before the outbreak, Blake lost is wife... due to a car accident, after this event, Blake became very distant and lonely... A few weeks before the epidemic, he decides to go on a trip to change his mind and see another country, one of his close friends had told him about Livonia, plains as far as the eye can see, pretty little villages . He went there, visited until one morning where everything had changed the army was everywhere in the streets, they made roadblocks and checked everyone, they looked at the eyes and inside of the mouth, those who were `` ok`` were told to go back home and to stay inside, the others were brought in trucks somewhere else, but the situation quickly deteriorated ... people who panicked in the streets, others who started to pack, others who barricaded their house and... shots in the far... this is how the peaceful trip of Andrew Blake has finished and the time has come to survive. Blake's only plans at the moment are to stay alive and find a quiet place to settle, but despite the fact that he is a lonely man, he knows very well that to survive alone in face of this new reality is impossible and therefore, that he should surely try to find a group of survivors who will welcome him and accept his help
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