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"From Cork, Ireland to US, I sound even more weird now."

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  1. Sean ODempsey

    Where is Everyone From?

    I'm from Ireland, but I live in the US.
  2. Sean ODempsey

    Back and Excited

    Hey boys. I used to play this all the time ages ago when Arma 2 DayZ RP was the main thing. I'd say it was my favourite gaming experience. I've been excited to return along with one of my mates I got to sign up. Nervous from my social anxiety, but still, excited at the same time.
  3. Sean ODempsey

    Getting to know everyone (Age, Country, etc)

    Im 7 an a hav. I luv 2 rolplay an make frends an rob ppl. Pls giv me stuf in game pls. (Don't take seriously)
  4. Sean ODempsey

    UN Peacekeepers (UNPK) - (Recruitment closed)

    I really like how you're doing the troop strength etc.
  5. Sean ODempsey

    Rough Times at TP.

    He, in fact, raised his weapon when he was initiated on. So he was shot. [video=youtube] He had already dropped his weapon when he was shot. But I still think he deserved it. He dropped it when he started moving his hands about.
  6. Sean ODempsey

    GUID Change

  7. Sean ODempsey

    Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    Need PID and GUID reset. Thanks! //Alyd: I have reset your PID. Please re-enter it on the Donation Exchange. //Thumper : PM sent about GUID change.
  8. Sean ODempsey

    GUID Change

    Am I able to change the whitelisted GUID? I've looked all over, but could've sworn I had seen something about it before. Would appreciate any help!
  9. Sean ODempsey

    Group Balancing System

    I like it
  10. Sean ODempsey

    Magic Tires

    I hit a tire with my hatchet like 5 times then it burst into flames... It was a pretty big fire.
  11. Sean ODempsey

    Server Disappears

    Did that do the trick? Sure did! Thanks!
  12. Sean ODempsey

    Getting chloroformed

    Yes, you can't speak when knocked out. Well, you can get up and attempt to kill them. How long does chloroform usually knock you out for?
  13. Sean ODempsey

    Server Disappears

    Ping getting set to 0, thanks guys!
  14. Sean ODempsey

    Server Disappears

    Anytime I am on the server browser and if I have server selected it disappears after a few seconds, the only way I can join is if I quickly select a server. Its very annoying, would appreciate any help. Solution: Set ping to 0
  15. Sean ODempsey

    Getting chloroformed

    Nice I had the same exact question!