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  1. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://www.dayzrp.com/t-us-4-killing-of-complying-hostage-bad-rp-meta-game Why the verdict is not fair: I was banned for bad rp and metagaming. It is true that I did metagame that there was human meat in the op's bag, but in no way did that affect the way we treated him. I knew right away that I had made a mistake, but I overreacted to it in that situation. If I had to do it over, I would have just rp'd it as if it was just some meat. As for the bad rp. I wouldn't necessarily call it bad rp or good rp, I just think it was a robbery mentality and that I didn't really know where to rp. Me and my friends have been working on our rp over the last few days and now that we are banned it is hard for us to do that. I don't believe that what we did is bad enough to get us banned. Atleast not for 5 and 7 days. I would like to say sorry for the event that took place between the two groups and that it won't ever happen again. I have learned from my mistakes and just ask of you that you lift my ban. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I try to play a friendly guy, but when I saw those clown masks, the same masks the people who robbed me the day prior to the event, I just felt like getting some revenge. Then they started to act all weird and creepy like the other clowns I know, so that was where we decided to do what we did. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like to have my ban lifted and maybe have the warning points removed, but if that is too much to ask. Please at least consider shortening my ban. What could you have done better?: I would have tried to rp the situation out more and have asked more questions of the men we robbed. I would have tried and convince my group that we should have moved them to a safer location for questioning. I would have also not metagamed the meat and just played it as if it was just some steak in his bag.
  2. IGN: Eric Davis Age:17 Country:Amercica English skills:Very good DayZ Experience:Over 300 hours What kind of role best describes you:Infantry, close combat, very good with assault rifles and can handle my own in tense battle situations. Have you been in any clan/group previously: Yes, the Marauders, but I have been in others on other mods. Additional notes: Best way to contact you: Private message or teamspeak Backstory: I was Part of the United States National guard, when I was deployed with to Chernarus to help with an out break of a disease and bring aid to the civilians. I was put in a three man group with a man from the Puerto Rican National guard and his friend. Then the major cities got the outbreak and everything went crazy and when we saw a whole squad of Russian soldiers get swarmed, we knew we were on our own. After days of moving from place to place, we lost one of the Puerto Rican soldiers when we were swarmed while sleeping, then it was just me and a man by the name of Eddie Rodriguez. We have been looking for a group of good men who we can trust and hopefully help each other to get though this mess.
  3. IGN: Eddie Jones Age:17 Country:USA English skills:Only language I know, so it is very good. DayZ Experience:Over one hundred hours on the mod and stand alone What kind of role best describes you: Infantry and close range, good scavenger. Have you been in any clan/group previously: No Additional notes: Best way to contact you:PM or Steam (cantth1nkofaname) Backstory: I am just a regular hunter that lived in a cabin in the woods, now I am trying to find my brother and just simply survive in this horrible new world. (can change if needed)
  4. I'm new to dayzrp and I am excited to start playing