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  1. Growing up in the harsh environments of Namalsk where he faced challenges everyday from the fear of the flu to the after math of it all. His father taught him how to use the woods to his advantage from crafting weapons to setting traps. His father favored being quiet but always kept a rifle slung around his back. Once he came of age his father taught him how to use it and even giving him his own gun. Told to only use it in dire emergency's or against those that would threaten his life he kept it through his adulthood keeping it like it was the day he got it. One day he decided he wanted to leave Namalsk and travel. "See the world." He would always say. Trading enough supplies to a boat captain got him passage over seas to Scotland. Days went by as he traveled with the captain before they had arrived once he was able to disembark he wasted no time getting off taking his things and leaving to the unkown. Quickly he had booked a room in the settlements motel. Staying only the night before leaving the town he begun his travel south with a map he had bought with the last of his money. Along his travels he met many people he considers friends but always ends up leaving. Saying he's not looking to stay anywhere. Once he entered Nyheim he encountered Dsquad having killed the man before he could understand why he had attacked he remembered the symbol for next time. Unknown of the name of them he figured they were a problem or security of the region either way he didn't want to try and find out. Ended up in the ruins of the main town he now hides out in hopes it was a one time incident but is paranoid of anyone sees in white.
  2. This may just be glanced over or hated for the things that are said. My problems first off are not with staff as I haven't had the chance to have interactions with them. My problems are within the server and my feedback is coming from a week of play (in total about 62 hours). Within that time I've met good people and bad people. I mean this in the sense of rp I'm not the best by any means. This the first real RP i've been apart of but that doesn't change how this should be viewed. First off the Dsquad lore attacks and clowns. While I don't know too much about it all I understand the value and the reason behind both. I personally love the fact of two hostile groups hell bent on killing everyone and making the place unsafe. I've even been captured by Dsquad within the week I played and loved it. The clowns I only had seen one and seen a horde follow soon after. I love the ideas behind both and the story behind them. I met most of the people I called friends on my first day. Having a lot of fun with them even if it seemed boring at the time I still enjoyed it. My most favorite interaction was watching Nine getting shot in the lung and Dr. Parsons doing what he can to help it and he did. Seeing it, the blood covering the ground, the acting, and even the mutant coming from the forest in the middle of it, it was great and I felt immersed. The whole interaction was by far the best I have witnessed in the server. Moving on we have The Farmers. A... Strange bunch but well made and well acted. Every member I met was great in not only acting but they also make you feel like there's something odd about the "shepard" at least for me it felt that way. Even in hostile rp they were fantastic. From how the took me and talked to me and even from the carving a cross into my characters chest to bringing me back with the warning they had given me. I've had great times in the server.. Then we run into a different problem and the main reason why I don't want to play on the server. PKM. I understand the need for hostile rp that's apparent and I clearly don't mind it given I've been handcuffed and lead places. Hostile rp is not my problem with PKM. This is where the backlash towards this thread is going to happen and I just know it. I've heard plenty of negative feedback from them and I've witnessed why there's such negativity. Now I hate to say this but I promise the reason why most newcomers to the server leave are because of them. I've heard it being the reason and its the same reason why I've started to give up. All in all I've had a great time that much is clear but the three times I've been near PKM it starts simple I somehow end up in handcuffs then at least the first two my firearms were broken and I'm left with melee. Annoying yes but I kept on going. The third I had just had enough seeing them and still being annoyed for the last time with the reason given "So they can't shoot us in the back when we leave." is BS and anyone here knows it. Logically when three heavily arms SOLDIERS hold you up and let you go you wouldn't try to fight back with a SKS and a Mosin (was what me and my friend had at the time) you'd take your things and walk cause its the smart thing to do and the most logical. The third I had just had enough and did what I could to get killed so I could just leave. So while the third is on me and I'll admit is it really when you see them be nice and still end up in cuffs while their reason fair cause of a clown mask they had found where I was staying and had no knowledge of its bad when you have had enough of said people and just want them to kill you so you can just leave. I want this known that two or one (may of been the same person just different character I'm not sure). I was okay with. The first is a man with two spiked clubs on his back and the other is the man that shot me the third time. You two we're great in all aspects and would like to see more of you guys around but alas the rest of the group is problematic and thus makes me just not want to play DayZRP any longer. You guys walk such a fine line on the rule but don't break them least in a way that can be caught it just leaves a sour taste for the server. Small message to staff: You guys built this community and it thrives a friend that played this long before told me about this server and I don't regret joining I only regret that you don't see that PKM is killing the amount of new people staying on the server. You guys do a thankless job everyday and I'm not editing this post to bash you. I personally thank you for the work you put into the server. I can see it everywhere I turn even learning the map was custom made for this server amazed me and is why I respect it as much as I prefer Chernarus but thats cause I know it. Nyheim is astonishing map and I want to see the map progress in development but that can't happen without someone standing up and helping the newcomers stay. I'm not saying take action against people not breaking the rules. PKM is clearly an issue and all you have to do is ask around. I'm not the first to leave the server due to PKM and I won't be the last. I want this to be a server I play on but with that sour taste I'm being left with I write this in hopes one of you see it and understand that most newcomers from what I have heard leave cause of them and don't say anything. I want it to change and see this community grow. To see a full server full of people helping each other. That being said Nyheim might be too small for 100 constant people but would it not be something you'd like to see? As I said I'm not here to bash you I'm only expressing the problems I have seen.
  3. s1.dayzrp.com:2300 Most western part of the major city in the place most refer too as The Bunker 4-5PM ish I believe on 10/09/2021 Kerek William Clay Unknown All I can say is we logged in to see this Clay took the screenshots while I tried to figure out the damage I wasn't in the discord at the time though.
  4. Growing up in a small home out the woods of upper Maine Kerek learned much in the way of survival growing up. Not only learning how to set traps for animals, skin them, and use a gun from his father. His mother was a forager. Knowing much of the wilds he grew up he wanted to explore more the world. His curiosity of the many wonders of the wilds all over the world soon lead him to learn about Nyheim. In 2050 he set sail to Nyheim with the intent on moving after his father and mother passed two years prior. Through the 10 years staying with his mind on the hunt for game and with plenty around he didnt care much for the promise of food. He came for a new life and change of scenery. In the days of the quarantine he left his home making a small camp back in the woods far from anyone. Thinking it was the best course of action and in turn saving his life. Now he lives off the wild again relying on what his mother and father taught him.
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