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  1. IGN: Eddie Rodriguez Age:16 Country: Puerto Rico English Skills: Pretty good. DayZ Experience: over 700 hours. What kind of role best describe you: Soldier,Tactical, hero or bandit. Have you been in any clan/group previously: Plenty outside DayZ and 2 on DayZ the Marauders and the United Nations. Additional notes:I know the map, really good with tactics and also speak Spanish if you ever need me to. Best way to contact you: Private Message or TeamSpeak. Backstory: Part of the Puerto Rico National guard got sent into a mission outside Chenarus 3 days before the outbreak to an outpost just outside of Lopatino,Chenarus were me and 2 other soldiers were suppose to evacuate any foreign civilian back to the airfield were they were going to get into a plane to take them back to their country.But the last day of the mission was a complete nightmare at 18:00 hours 3 civilians came in with a badly injure man that appeared to be attack by an animal but after 15 minutes he came back and started attacking and biting everyone on his way so i had to put him down i had never seen anything like that we called HQ to inform them about the situation but they never respond so we came here to chenarus to find help but the only thing we found was the heart of the outbreak.