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  1. My Character is named Dave Breacher. He was born in ontario canada on July 20th, 1996. Dave grew up in the average middle class suburban family. His father, the resourceful-hands on type. His mother, the small protective saint. Since life in the suburbs can get boring as a child Dave spent lots of time outside digging around in the dirt. His father also had a passion for taking trips up north to their cabin. Many summer vacations, birthdays, firsts were experienced up there and eventually the same passion was instilled in Dave. Not just a passion for the cabin itself though. A Passion for nature in general. Dave used this passion to guide his life in a sense. As he grew, his passion for nature helped him professionally grow medical cannabis and guide hunts (deer, moose, turkey, ect.) for a living up by his childhood cabin. Dave had been planning to go to russia for this rare and remote spring wolf hunt ever since he began guiding hunts, nearly 5 years prior. But there was always resistance from his long time girlfriend, Tina. Tina was always the skeptical type and was concerned for Dave's safety. "its so far away" she would comment "what if something happens to you? You'll be stranded with no one around to come help you." On the first of January 2020, to Tina's dissatisfaction, he goes anyway. Determined to see his dream come true despite the risks. After many layovers and crying babies he lands at the krasnostav airport only to be immediately picked up by his guide and proceed northwest into the dense chernarussian forest. For six whole months Dave and his guide remain isolated from all radio signal and data networks camped far into the forest in a stocked hunting cabin. to their dissatisfaction they are unable to find a Male lone wolf. Unaware of what has developed in their absence. Eventually Dave manages to bag that male wolf he worked so hard and traveled so far for but its bitter-sweet. Upon their arrival back to the nearest small village the two hunters quickly realize what has come to fruition. The collapse of hope. This is where we catch up with Dave. A hopeless beat young man. A man that knows his past is gone, Tina, ontario, his friends and family all gone for deep down he knows he could never get back to them. So he goes on aimlessly, building a new life in this new world he finds thrust upon himself.
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