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  1. The Tokorev round that both of those guns use is a "hot round", in other words, highly gassed rounds that are much more powerful than the round it was based on. Essentially, the cartridge has 9mm ballistics but .45 stopping power (roughly). We have a glut of weapons that use 9mm, so a few extra .45 would be welcome and also powerful. I voted .45, as this makes the most sense.
  2. I agree, but I also think that .22LR rounds should also receive a buff as currently outside of giggle factor/desperation/being a madlad there is no reason at all to ouse the Sporter 22 and the Amphibia Pistol, as the damage is too low to even be used for disposing of the infected.
  3. +1 for the love of everything that is holy. The UMP used to be one of - if not-the most dangerous gun due to the power of the .45 ACP rounds. We need a SMG revolution!
  4. I will also +1 to both having a wipe of auto .308 weapons, and the RPG/LAW. I also +1 a buff to Pistol caliber, so even SMG's can be viable in fighting.
  5. I mean, more .45 guns in game would be cool, as we only have 3 (in which one is a pistol, the other a SMG and the other a reskin of the pistol) So I think .45 might be pretty cool, because while it wont have the velocity (but n a pistol who cares?) it will hit like a truck!
  6. Unlucky. Will Duplessis be my saviour and post below?
  7. Whoops forgot to say my piece here like a dumbass... Looking good lads, haven't run into any of you guys yet, but it will happen soon! Goals look pretty dope, and it will be great to have a point of interest on the West Side as well, get people moving!
  8. Problem is Mak, they are TOO good at it. Their blast radius is... Wacky, but the strength is not. Even the 75% explosive damage reduction from plate carriers will not save you from a RPG/LAW blast (as the explosion is a reskined gas station explode). The M79 '40mm grenades' are simply reskined throwable frag grenades which the plate carrier will work against, making that weapon far less obnoxious.
  9. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://www.dayzrp.com/profile/49400-taffinator/ Placed on final warning as per support ticket #6804 Why the verdict is not fair: The verdict is completely fair, no argument about that. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Nothing much for me to say here - I made an extremely misjudged status update throwing a lot of flame on the whole DayZRP mod staff, and due to this I was permabanned. The reason behind this was (at the time) my belief that OOC reasons were behind the archiving of another group I was a part of (Chechen Battalion, Politzya v2 and Obrana Národa) and my frustrations got the better of me, and instead of cooling off, I posted a 'tendie'. At first, and I freely admit, I didn't care much for the ban. However, I received several DM's from friends in the community expressing they would miss me, and this really hit me for six. So, I decided to appeal and was generously granted a return to the community but on final for three months. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I hope to have my final warning removed, and to 'start again' as it were with no points. I know that my status updates and ability to reply to them will NOT be given back, as this is standard for any banned player. What could you have done better?: To put it simply, not be such an idiot and let myself get swept up in all the drama that not only got me, but several others banned. After returning on final, I decided to better myself, and to improve not only my RP, but to be able to be in a group that could help me stay on the straight and narrow. So, I joined the ZFC, which had several staff members in. Talk about deep end. However, this group helped me understand it's just a game for fun, drama is pointless and to help others too. It was also here, being with more experienced players and staff, I realised the groups I was in were not bastions of saints, and were the reason the drama was there. I also started to be a bit more serious on the forums, posting some ideas and my thoughts on suggestions and ideas. Once Namalsk kind of died, I must have done something right, as when the CLF returned to Chernarus I was asked to join, which was a (welcome) surprise. And now I'm here, hoping for a proper second chance.
  10. Is it possible to look into making them exclusive to the dynamic heli crashes Whitename? I think many would be very happy with this as they will be there, but hard to find.
  11. As I said in the other thread, we should not remove them, just make them exclusive to the dynamic helicopter crash sites rather than the general military spawn points. That way, you can still find them, but it will be a much more difficult. RPG/LAW should be used for raiding, not PvP IMHO, so this might help in that situation.
  12. The biggest problem with the RPG/LAW is that there is no protection you can wear to stop being insta- gibbed by it. The explosion (I believe) is a repurposed gas station explosion with higher damage, so even wearing the best helmet and a plate carrier it will not stop you from getting blasted. I am ok with the M79, as the grenades have a max stack of 1 (compared to the smoke equivalents 4) and it's REALLY hard to find them compared to the RPG/LAW warheads. The RPG/LAW have created a crazy "Rocket Barrage" meta, and as such needs to be addressed like the "FAL/SCAR Spam" was. I propose the RPG/LAW and it's ammo becomes exclusively available at the dynamic helicopter crash sites. Stops people from endlessly searching the military camps for them and also frees up space for other things to spawn there instead. Satchel charges should stay in and spawns as is, as they are the only thing to destroy expansion walls easily, and cannot practically be used for PvP due to its size and huge timer.
  13. So. I was idly thinking to myself "Hey Taff, what one gun would not only be unique, but iconic, cool, and downright just so awesome that you can't help but love it?" Well, it's simple! A shotgun. But no pump or semi or full BRRT one. Oh no. A coneseur's choice. The Winchester Model 1887. *YEE HAW INTENSIFIES IN HIGH NOON* BUT WAIT! Why just leave it at just the base model? Why not make a - slight - adjustment with a hacksaw and... We be MW2 up in this bitch! Now, the (slightly) serious part. Original M1887 shotguns are INCREDIBLY rare, and most (if not all) are in 20 gauge, an ammo type not in DayZ. The solution? Both Chiappa and Norinco produce modern recreations of this iconic shotgun, in 12 Gauge for our convenience. We have many weapons, but only one leaver action, it's a lonely soul, why not a friend for company?
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