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  1. People got bored of Namalsk because no fucker would move from the initial spawn city. Literally the entire map was empty apart from us Fishing Club members in the furthest south village and a few scattered fortified places. Virtually no one set up a base/location on the East island at all from my memory. Pointless to have a new map if everyone won't move from one place. Yes, the survival aspect of Namalsk was tough, but not THAT tough. Players were too lazy to survive IMHO. Also, the player base got split because Chernarus HAD to stay up, and because Namalsk was too tough, they went back,
  2. A brilliant idea, and as such should be included! The only issue I can see is that insulation levels are tied directly to item condition, but I'm sure people will take form over function everytime...
  3. OH SHIT WHADDUP! Can't wait to get this going lads, should be a hell of a laugh and my counter for "friendly fire" will probably break in the first week
  4. That would be @Taffinator and @Mugin who met you guys in Novya Petrovka - And I'm glad you guys had an enjoyable interaction with us and left with some extra stuff! Hope to see you guys at the compound again soon, were (usually) there most of the time...
  5. This. This right here. I personally don't mind hubs, as long as the RP there is of a decent quality that actually relates to the area/dynamic of the hub. However, some players will take the piss, either with troll RP on alts that take the piss or just going around antagonising others just for a meme. Or deliberately attacking a hub because its a soft target and they run less risk of getting their cheeks clapped. Most of the time I find the 'Cries of hub RPers' justified if the reason for the attack is incredibly flimsy or just pulled out their arse.
  6. The punishment for dying in PvP is exactly what you said. Getting your gear back isn't as easy as you think as believe it or not, most groups don't have a ready supply of items at hand. It is up to the individual player if they want to RP out any injuries. Some do, most don't. If they were captured and injured that way it is different but as you say, you need to respect the players option no matter what, even if you disagree with it. This would be a good solution - but unfortunately the different injury "states" come with different speeds at which you can move, making survival
  7. Taffinator

    Oval Office.png

    Is this considered a "Shitpoast"?
  8. Now this puts a smile on my face!
  9. I feel this situation was stacked against the accused in the latest report. In order for him NOT to invalidly kill, he would have had to not only kill the guy initiating on him, but then initiate himself on the other guy, (who got dynamic defender rights from the first guy dying!) not to mention the guy in green ALSO getting dynamic defender rights. So the three attackers can now share defender rights flipping them from the attacker to defender simply because the one guy who did initiate got killed? WUT. In which universe does that make any sense? The rules were put in play in order
  10. My experience from placing tents is that even if you get the white silhouette, you usually need a bit more room. This change seemed to happen when they rebalanced tents around patch 1.10, as they added makeshift shelters as the smallest option. As for crates, I personally haven't built one ever (as the server has them at 72hrs max persistance) but I know there is no limit for them, unless there has and some mod has limited them? As for the rest, there's a place for it all and unlimited - as long as you can keep it secure.
  11. I very rarely crash. The last time was last night when there was 30+ players in a small area. Before then it's usually down to vehicles (like the outdated truck mod and the widely reported tractor/M3S issues.) I feel it isn't equipment mods causing crashes, but vehicles.
  12. I did not get that feeling at all. NoxRox expects to be able to set up a base and have no one break in. The misunderstanding is on his part - there are ZERO rules against raiding. You want to store shit? Then be prepared for others to want your shit. I feel way too many new players expect the server to be nothing but a PvE snooze fest, able to loot to their hearts content because the *think* rules are in place to protect them - an illusion soon shattered when a bandit fucks your door with a RPG. Raiding has always been a part. New players need to do more research before comin
  13. Creating a fish hook is trivially easy, once you get set. Granted, the start of a new character can be hard, especially when miss fortune blesses you. But we cannot put them in the store anyway, as they give an advantage which is the big "no" from Bohemia's rules.
  14. Need to add a poll mate, otherwise its gonna get locked. Any 'bladed' Melee weapon (such as knives, axes etc.) can be repaired with a sharpening stone. These are a bit rare but can be bought from the civilian trader. Unfortunately most other Melee weapons cannot be fixed.
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