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  1. Anyone able to hook me up with an mp3 of the terminator theme tune please? Need to tart up my profile... 

  2. Feedback TEIM! Great roleplay shown last night at the Turuvo Trader! Excellent set up from the get go, and well thought out RP and brilliant restraint to deal with the facts presented with myself even though the two people with me went non compliant, you didn't give me greif over it, which was fantastic to see. @groovy ducky took lead with the second half of the questioning, and came across as a tough, grizzled veteran that while hating Russians to the point of just kill em all, this was tempered by a dislike of foreigners but would rather see them leave Chernarus than hurt them, (unless they do something stupid) which is fucking fantastic and shows that this group isn't just a brainless 'hurr durr foreigners = bad, PvP.exe running' stupidity that many might think this group is about, but it isn't! If you were a part of the questioning, let me know as I would love to know who was there and get recognition for some top notch RP! Lastly, the only tiny, tiny criticism I can give is be a little more careful when engaging someone who goes non compliant - I complied but was nearly killed in some accidental crossfire when dealing with the two with me who didn't. While I don't give a shit (as I am part of a group that allows KoS!) it's just a heads up in case it causes a death in and inevitable report because muh salt. However, I fully understand that there wasn't a lot of space in the Trader for 10+ people, and I suspect some of you guys cought some 'Blue on blue' too.
  3. Eleven approved groups, goddamn that's an amazing sight to see!

  4. Hey, some feedback time! I for one don't think have actually met a member of this group IG yet, so this feedback is gonna be a bit... Odd. What I have found, is several of your notes on water pumps, one in Balota and the other at Builder Summer Camp. Both of them with the same message, but it was nice to see you guys still doing this, as I can imagine it being a slog to travel! As a small suggestion, perhaps you could craft a small crate, fill it with food/water/meds and create another 'treasure hunt' over the radio? Or even in game via notes on water pumps, with clues leading to other notes then eventually the items? If this idea is already in the works then great - it's bound to get people wondering and moving to see what the fuss is about! However, I really dig the whole 'in the background' vibe your group has, and hope to see you continue and progress.
  5. As a suggestion, how about as a trial for 2-3 months, have all ten voice channels renamed to current APPROVED/IDEA groups, with perhaps a couple more for non group communication and newbies? I very rarely, if ever, see these channels used, and would make it easier for people to communicate with other groups when required and sort out issues etc. On one main discord. Obviously this would require more roles to be issued to keep comms secure (as I believe it should) but it wouldn't hurt to give it a shot. I mean, I'd love to see the Mc Coomers, Leviathan, Cerberus Int., County Lines etc. All in one place, giving a much more community vibe. People can still have their own discord, for extra info, secure comms/messages etc. But it would be a boon to see this (if it's at all possible)
  6. I "Taffinator", agree that while I am playing in the The Leviathan group CP, I waive my right to report anyone for KOS or attempted KOS on me under any circumstances. All kills on my character will be valid so long as my character is in the The Levianthan CP no matter how the character death came about. So long as I am playing a The Leviathan character that is working for / with the organization, or my forum name is on the group CP on the forums, I waive my right to report any KOS or attempted KOS on my character. //signed Taffinator
  7. @Roland I told you I'd go gold for the fixed M14 you glorious leader you!

    *Does a happy dance while running to buy a Vietnam Special*

    1. Roland


      tip hat thank you GIF by Captain Obvious

  8. Yeah, I used to enjoy TS back in 2015, but even my rose tinted glasses stop me from realizing Discord is so, SO much better. Because of one thing that Dan hit the nail on: Why would anyone use a shared TS when a private Discord allows more freedom?
  9. And there is such a thing as raiding someone when that person or group is not online so it's easy pickings, via OOC information gathering. And if you believe this doesn't happen you are either incredibly nieve or willfully ignorant. That is what "offline raiding" is in this context. Storing stuff is never easy. Stealing stuff is incredibly easy. Especially when players do it when you aren't in game to defend it. I've only ever been a part of being raided twice, both by RAC acting on tip offs we had contraband. Other times? Blatant theft when the group isn't online. Will some players build silly bases to store rediculous amounts of gear? Of course. But on the flip side, a group wanting to create a trader group or a charity style group cannot due to easy thefts. Not everyone is a part of 10,15, 20+ member groups that can easily replace losses. What about individuals, or small, dynamic groups? Why should they get shit on? A bit difficult to focus on RP when you are constantly trying to recover losses and fix things, and frustrations in trying to get a RP idea running but can't. "But that will give RP!" you might say, and it will - but not the RP the player wants to do because of actions done when a player isn't even on the server.
  10. Roger Williams was the son of a family that came to the UK during what was known as the "Windrush Generation" after world war two. His childhood wasn't remarkable, and while Roger was a nice enough kid, he wasn't the most gifted at school and basically left as soon as he could at 16 and ended up joining the military, mostly out of need, and for pragmatic reasons - Roger ended up in the wrong crowd, and more than a few times had a few brushes with the law. When the atrocity at the world trade center happened in 2001, he found himself in the dusty land of Afghanistan, fighting an enemy who would hide within the civilian population and resort to surprise attacks and ambushes to fight. It was here that his humanity begin to suffer, and more than a few times he "finished off" an enemy insurgent instead of taking them in for interrogation. This continued until 2003, when himself and others were discharged from the army "on medical reasons" when in reality it was a cover up. Roger and his unit was involved in a gunfight that several civilians were killed, and it obvious from the investigation that it wasn't a case of mistaken identity. Wanting to save face and keep the public on side for the war, he got away with it but was stripped of his pension and other benefits from his time in the army. So Roger ended up back in the UK, and looking for work. He spent a while, working some dead end jobs, enjoying his freedoms, and again ending up on the wrong side of the law from some drunken fights and so forth, until he found work with a contract company in late 2012. The work was well paying, usually running protection for some rich person or some security detail at some socialite party. He continued to work for this company until a lucrative offer was presented to him from a new company, looking for ex military and ones that don't ask questions and have low morals for certain work in Eastern Europe. So Roger ended up in Chernarus, under the employ of this company, and continues to do so even through the frenzy flu crisis. What he will end up doing though, well, only time will tell...
  11. Yeah, I'm gonna give this a phat +1. A QoL addition that in all honesty will be universally accepted and for all the arguments of unintentional deaths/avoiding RP etc. Then report those fools - you don't blame the auto run, you blame the players using it carelessly. I mean, it's an auto run, it shouldn't give ANYONE an excuse to suddenly get a pass!
  12. So, as I understand, grenades (both explosive and stun) were disabled from the server due to their use causing crashes of loremasters/admins during streams in their UAV mode, and it also caused crashes of players on occasion as well. However, I feel that these weapons should be allowed to spawn once more, as their use in both PvP and PvE is unquestioned and it adds another layer to tactics other than hold a building entrance (as anyone who was apart of the castle raid that captured the CLF leader knows how easy it was to hold the tower, unable to push!) Flasjbangs are also useful to create distractions for infected or as a way to create gain the upper hand against a group of people if the objective is to capture them rather than kill. So, should we allow both types of offensive grenades, or just the one type or keep it as is with none? Answer below with your thoughts!
  13. A great bit of RP last night in Berezino in the Aftermath of one of your gents getting unfortunately gunned down by some ruffian - All members there showed genuine concern for the person gunned down and showed a clear lack of care for gear which was a nice touch, and really helped set the scene of an ad hoc investigation into who committed the deed. Also big shout out to the guy I had a talk with about the run in he had with a cult and how he had to dispose of a cheeky fucker who tried to get him sacrificed before him, but ended up getting drilled instead. Good bit of banter right there! I'm only going to tag @ImFrosty (due to me only recognising his voice!) but if you were there please let me know!
  14. Quite the collection Watchman - some very impressive stuff! Don't suppose you got any Terminator ones lying about? (future war ones would be cool - plasma guns go pew pew!)
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