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  1. I would happily chip in a few coins every once in a while to get MOAR awesome shit for the server. Hopefully this will gain traction and get rolling with some top tier stuff!
  2. I'm kind of with Squillium on this. Leaking nudes/Doxxing is some really fucked up stuff that no mentally stable person would do. I mean, in what reality is it OK to do that over a fucking video game? Internet is SRS BSNS PPL. As for the rest, yeah. Everyone has a moment of madness on their part (as I have had, coming back on a final last year from some stupid shit I posted on my status.) Obviously it should be case on case basis, but what harm can it do to bring more people back, and let them show if they have changed and if they REALLY want to come back, they will try their hardest.
  3. FWIW, I think the reason it matters is that by that point DayZRP had removed the 'must be 18 to play the server' rule, so I fear it might be some young one might have been exposed to unfiltered chicken skin handbag. This might be the reason, maybe not. But you know what idiots are like nowadays taking things out of context and whatnot...
  4. First idea would all depend on the compatability we have with 1.14, and even then I personally only want it to be for environmental effects only. Having an area where there is a high chance of getting/robbed hurt would lead to people not going or people taking the piss inside of it. Never been a fan. The second would be a truly brilliant thing to have, but I fear would be very disjointed and too much for the speach and action driven way RP is on DayZRP. Not to say I don't like it (being a table top wargame myself) I would find it difficult to implement without making each RP encounter drag on through rolling, and rolling for exactly what.
  5. Hot damn is this a great read! Hope to see this 'flourish' and give a unique spin on medical RP.
  6. Jack Parsons grew up in a somewhat a somewhat cozy existence. Born to highly educated parents, he found himself naturally drawn to their professions as well, mostly out of interest, but also out of a sense of wanting to help. As he grew up however, he noticed people would expect help rather than helping themselves and lead lives that were unhealthy (as much as you could during the Flu Apocalypse) with higher rates of malnutrition, rampant disease spread and simple lack of care spurred him into action. After stabling the ammount of cases they had, and ensuring future generations were better informed, he decided to try and do the same to other communities to help get humanity back on track. With his parents passing, and new boctors in place, he headed out to help. And so his journey brought him to Nyheim, where he hopes to do good and help in a city where help is in short supply and comes with a premium...
  7. Hold the fuck up. You must be immensely bootyblasted and not thinking straight if you pull that kind of fucking comparison my dude. Jesus christ. It's a game, about pixel shit, not a life or death situation. Hostility needs no justified reason at all in game. I could easily go up to you, hold you hostage because I don't like your clothes. Simple as. I don't need a reason to be hostile, but I have to ensure the hostile RP I give is of a compitent manner which will further stories and give experiences. You could do exactly the same! Holy fuck, there's a thought! You want to protect your shit? Stay on the server 24/7 if you want to do so. Most other people make IC alliances, deals, friends hell ANYTHING will help keep your precious pixels safe. Right, rant over. Going IG to kick some doors in to bleach my mind of that stupid comparison.
  8. -1 from me, UNLESS we can't add the toxic zones from vanilla DayZ patch 1.14, then a phat +1 for it.
  9. Or perhaps it's the same mentality of people wanting Chernarus back - they miss Roleplaying as a certain trope/meme/character and time era, and do want the good ol comfort of "the same old same old" and will not stop banging on about it?
  10. Christ above, map is small to allow people to get around easier, and therefore increase the odds of finding RP. Chernarus is too fucking big, Livonia is viewed (IMHO) with too much rose tinted glasses. Yeah, map is nice, but Nyheim is getting some big updates soon and can be increased in size if need be. This is an unforseen consequence of the small map. While I hold nothing against people getting on for some good old PvP action, is there any need to immediately log off when you wait out the timer? If people are only getting on for the shooting, then they should stay on for the talking. Just saying.
  11. I kind of like everything this mod adds in all honesty. Hygiene? Makes sense and will only inconvenience you a tiny ammount. Anyone can do are the less than 2 minutes to give themselves a good old scrub a play session. Sleeping? I mean, sure could be annoying, but if it means having a lie down every x ammount of hours it won't be too bad. Also, would provide an interesting RP scenario where players take turns to "keep watch" while they rest, in case soething/someone finds them... Diet? Makes sense. Surviving on soda, beans, salty sticks, skiddaddles and chocolate is going to make you one unhealthy motherfucker. Time to eat your greens, freshly cooked meat, water and stews less and lasses! Rabies? Damn, sounds rough. However, wolves are not as dangerous as bears, and the rabies shot (taken before any wolf attack) lasts 12 IN GAME HOURS. Also, the cure has a 50/50 chance to fully cure it instantly means it's the least pain in the arse disease to sort out! All in all, +1 from me. Read the attached files I would everyone of the mod - the information inside it was very clear and changed my mind on some (sleep/hygiene).
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