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  1. My name is Loki Yi. I was born and raised in Iceland to a native tribe know as the "vahalla." We were a friendly tribe, always at peace with one another. Growing up my mother taught me to use a crossbow in my father's absence. My father was a adviser to the chieftain in our tribe. My father was found to be a traitor by the chieftains son. He was executed and his head was used for the local games. In my tribe we learn to deal with these consequences. I cannot say that it didn't affect me though. Being the son of a traitor led me to be an outsider. My mother died 4 years after my father and left me to my own. I was barely surviving in my tribe so I left. Went to Europe and eventually the Czech Republic to this undead horror. I learned much on my own, but the most valuable skill was the crossbow. Its what has kept me alive. Whether it be hunting for food to live or kill undead or bandits in this forsaken country. One day maybe I can return to my tribal land and hopefully not be burdened as a traders son. But here...this place I can be what I want cause no one knows my story...but me. and great back story... posted mine as well in reply