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    1. Tactical Tim

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      Chad gamer.

  2. Dear dayzrp AdDMeenIstuater team. If its not a new better map ill kos every admin i see to get a +30, please take this into consideration when doing the announcement, thank you. Signed - Pj the cool kid
  3. Team name: Kyle and Cesar Player one: @SovietPj Player two: @Willie Backup Player(Should one or the other not be able to attend) : Tba
  4. Sheesh now doesnt this look like a sexy bang.
  5. Group looks good boys, nice to see its not a cookie cutter for a change of pace with dayzrp.
  6. I dont think anyone has unironically percieved that as toxic as long as it was in roleplay, people are getting angry and complaining about thin skins/snowflakes when they are complaining about primarily not breaking tos.
  7. It's not whether people can handle it or not, its weather its necessary or not, im sure a lot of people can handle the toxicity/racism but it's not really nice to be around, as for the torture roleplay i believe it can flourish with this.
  8. I personally think this is a great idea, you perhaps phrased it wrong to make it "family friendly" nonetheless this will help the server out alot, i myself will be checking out the server after this has been normalised or if it does and i have spoke to alot of others and they agree with me. this is not only gonna help people who would like to stream dayzrp on twitch it will also help the more casual roleplayer.
  9. +1 for having them back in like before
  10. SovietPj

    Theta Six

    1 member? , group looks good , hope you get 4 more members before staff see this lol good luck though !
  11. In my opinion namalsk should get closed down in january , the only reason why i play it is because everyone does , although i will be going back to chernarus soon. i am very disappointed with namalsk , as at first i was its biggest advocate.. i do hope to see another map be added but not namalsk
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