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  1. Haha , he’s definitely one of our creepier members
  2. ah alrighty thanks for the clarifacation
  3. i wasnt there with the group at the time and i only believe two members at the time was in the group ( people were being recruited) again sorry for the actions of a few members , ill talk to them
  4. Hello para , thank you for this feedback however i will say the person you spoke to had no right to speak for the group and was speaking out of emotion , when i said to you to talk to me and not him everyone left apart from one of your members who continues to scream at us with insults etc.. travis graham isnt an official member of the group , also i wasnt where the situation was and i couldnt act on it too much. ill talk to my boys and take it into account
  5. Starting off in how the situation happened we had a car but there was 5 of us so we had to leave someone alone in the town to run away , after driving off we see a car approach our friend so we turn back and say whats happening realising its the sgru we basically say leave us alone etc we did say leave , they said we can leave but then they start to surround us , i say get back in your car or away from us with a gun in my hand , he doesnt do it , my friend then sprays him down to which i turn to his buddy and i was about to shoot it may have went through as I died at the exact same time or before i actually pressed the trigger (due to what seems to be an rpg) so surely if i didnt shoot anyone and if it was indeed an invalid initation it must be an invalid kill no? as i was killed due to the actions of another person without even "Initaiting" just editing something , it was in the middle of the road there would havent been any possible way it would have killed me as there wasnt a tree or even a player in front of me to stop the rpg and it explodes also he states he "dodged " the rpg , how would it have killed me if he was able to dodge it , thats litterally impossible
  6. Server and location: S1 Berenzino Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 1:15 Your in game name: Patrick John Gall Names of allies involved: @Checster1999 @Worldclass @Tree Name of suspect/s: @TurkRP?? Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): n/a Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): mic wasnt being picked up Detailed description of the events: Me and my friends were stopping by berenzino to trade for some items , a while goes by and an rp event starts happening with bombs and stuff , we investigate the area and it starts getting interesting , we find a suspect who said that they were the person who did the bomb , me taking lead and saying bring him to the pd which then we suspected may have a bomb so we brought him to a bar next to the pd (Not ivans bar) we interview him and try to get information , we let a few people in aswell to talk one being @Tree tree then shot the suspect (later found out for a valid reason) we tie tree up and start to question him , he doesnt talk so in hopes to get him to talk i started taking weapons and his bag off of him , i decided to keep the bag and the gun until further questioning which is when he starts to speak , when he speaks we realise hes probably not with the terrorists so we let him go which is around the same time someone in the sgru pulls up to the place and starts asking questions to which we started to say leave etc he did not , tree suspected that the sgru member had stolen his weapon so he follows him saying he better give him his weapon back being slightly hostile , not to sure if it was an initation or not , tree then says he wants his back back so im sorting through it to give it to him which is when @TurkRPshoots me , i believe he was trying to get tree maybe but i moved out incase he was attempting to , tree then moved out the way , turkrp then continued to shoot me although tree was in cover meaning he was attempting to kill me for no reason.
  7. haha ofc not , luckily you didnt catch up on us last night would have went down differently
  8. I’m not to sure about those other groups , I know who did the best type of clown groups , Hopefully we can bring something new to the table if not Atleast we will have fun trying
  9. Ah ok , I think maybe we might be the third one that made a group similar
  10. we are honestly just trying to have fun , not to sure if youre saying this in a rude way or not but yeah this is what we wanted to do and thought was fun

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