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  1. Devin Davis was born in Israel. The reason why she was born there was because her dad Mark Davis, was in the Army. They traveled a lot, but got stuck in Israel since her mother Olivia Hemsworth went into labor. They rushed to the hospital. Her mother gave birth to her pride and joy. They stayed in Israel for a year then they moved back to the U.S. She grew up in a calm and peaceful household until she turned 8. At midnight someone broke it and tried to steal items and take Devin. Luckily her mother woke up to the sound of the window breaking. Her father was out at the base working that night, so it was only her and Devin. She ran straight towards Devin's room to make sure she was alright. Her mother called the police. Later the robber got into Devin's room, her mother pleaded they take her instead of Devin. They refused, yet did they know her mother had a gun. She pulled it out, and as soon as she did the robber shot her. Devin screamed and cried in terror "MOTHER NO!". The robber tried to take Devin, but in the distance were sirens. The robber rushed out as soon as he heard them. Devin then rushed out of her bed to her mother, lying there with her. She put her mother's head on her lap and her hand on her mother's shot wound. She looked at her and stroked her hair "Please don't leave mom, I- I need you". She leaned forward and kissed her head, she then heard the police come inside. The Police got inside and as soon as they saw Olivia one of them called for an ambulance while the other went to grab Devin away. They tried to bring her outside, but she refused, because she wanted to stay with her mother, but they finally got her outside eventually. They called her father and he came immediately. Once he saw Devin he grabbed her and squeezed her tight. She started sobbing on his shoulder, he then asked her what happened to her mother she said "Mom is at the hospital, she got shot". Her father stood up, held her hand, and went inside the car. They rushed to the hospital, but as soon as they got there she was already pronounced dead. Years later after her mom's death, her dad changed in so many ways. He changed from sweet and kind to aggressive and abusive. He would come home late every night drunk then go to Devin's room. He would walk in and shout at her saying her mother's death was her fault and she should have died instead. He would slap her, punch her, throw her against the wall and more. Devin would be bruised so badly she could walk or go to school. She tried running away to her cousins house. She packed a light bag and went out when he passed out. She got out and got a taxi to her cousin's house. Once she got there she knocked on the door. Her aunt opened it and asked her "Devin what are you doing here? I'm calling your father". She shouted "NO! Please do not call him, he will just abuse me more and more". Her aunt looked at her in disbelief. "Your father was right, you would do anything to make him seem like a horrible person". A tear went down Devin's face "I'm telling the truth Aunt Marilyn". Her aunt got her phone and started calling her father. She tried to run, but her aunt stopped her and pulled her inside. Minutes later her dad came through the door looking all cleaned up. He was talking with her aunt as she sat there. He then walked up to her and took her by the arm. He was grabbing her so tight to the point it left a bruise. He put her in the car and drove off. As soon as they got home he threw her inside. "WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING YOU WORTHLESS SLUT!?" He shouted. He then punched her in the stomach then got a pocket knife. He grabbed her wrist and slit it 8 times then did the same to the other. After he slapped her and kicked her repeatedly. He then dragged her upstairs to her room. "That should teach you a lesson you dirty ass whore". He then left and locked her in there. She tried crawling to the bathroom inside her room, but she passed out before she could. Once she turned 17 she planned her way out of that hell hole she once called home. She packed a light bag again and went through her window. She then got to a bus station and used the cash stash she had left. She bought a ticket to a Military base. She then got on the bus and headed there. Once she got there one of the men asked why she was here and she explained. Months later she got into the Army. She studied as a medic, but was much more. She put her whole life into it. She met amazing people that actually cared for her. Until she was sent to Iraq with her best friend Blake. Sadly he died in the war. He was shot in the heart. It's now 2020 her rank is a Major, She has a lot of respect. There was a word about the outbreak. When the outbreak started, she was sent to Chernarus to help out. It started getting worse and now she is stuck there. Her government is trying to get her out, but how long will that take?
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