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  1. Shane Carter was a very odd kid growing up, he was always obsessed human movements and behavior, and sometimes animal behavior. He would sit in the woods for hours upon hours studying animal instincts and movements. But when he got older he moved on to humans, he would sit in his car at a supermarket or a store and just watch people go in and out for days at a time and just sit and watch, most nights not sleeping, and the night he does sleep it is in his car. He did this because he was always hearing about these crazy wars, like in 2040 or the great depression like in 2020, he always wondered
  2. Tokyo


    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: The verdict wasn't fair because The gun automatedly shot without me doing anything so it was a game glitch, which I believe my character should not be killed off either. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: MY POV- I was taken hostage fairly, I understand I miss worded some things and I apologize for that I didn't meant to say "You can't kill me I'm complying" I meant to say "please don't kill me I am complying", I mixed up my words because I was trying to talk to fast. With the
  3. @Duplessis we dont know who that is. Was he wearing a brown poncho? if so he was asking us where the pub was and i directed him to the guys in a big group it was only us 3
  4. I don't think they should have reported this to be honest. We did nothing wrong, they did nothing wrong. Its wasting everyones time
  5. Neither of us circled around her naked.
  6. I thought you was the guy that stole our gun and shot first. Because you posted the video, proving you shot first and stealing our gun? Never mind, I realized that was Millie, you understand he got you all killed right? We wasn’t going to shoot anyone. We only wanted our gun back.
  7. okay, then just listen, I was trying to get her rope off of her while her hands were up. I never said anything sexual, or said anything in a malicious way. I promise you, I would never do anything to insult or degrade a female in anyway. I told her to take her clothes off so I could access the rope to tie her up. then after I tried to tell her to put her clothes back on but was interrupted by her crying uncontrollability. Its a video game, I never meant to make you feel that way. but I don't regret what I did. I would have done it if it was a male, I didn't want to look at your pixelat
  8. can you listen to me when i say this. Please
  9. But you did by stealing our gun, then not valuing your life by shooting first. In a hostage situation.
  10. can you please read what I posted. They also pointed a Mosin at us. Another form of initiation.
  11. @Sammiii I am truly sorry that you thought I was trying to be pervy. In no way was I doing that. I hope you don't think I did that with a malicious intent. Im sorry, but this statement is very invalid. The only reason I made her remove her clothes was to get to the rope as I mention before. We never made any sexual comment about her, and never had any sexual action or intent.
  12. we did initiate, we said "Hands up or we will shoot" Then one of your men opened fire on us, So you shot first. And you stealing our AK is initiating on us Okay, I was walking to Cherno with a few friend. We went there hoping to buy a car off someone, because we desperately needed a car. I barley spoke to anyone there, I only spoke to one man with a brown poncho. Me and my friends split off hoping to find someone selling a car. When I was walking down the road to the pub, My friends Ak disappeared and the only people around us was the the group of 5 we was talking to for awhile.. I
  13. you immediately temp ban me? i didnt even read this yet... I dont understand
  14. I fully understand and embrace the recent rule change regarding discrimination. I would never demean someone for their race, creed, or orientation. https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/105136-upcoming-rule-change-ban-on-extreme-discrimination/
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