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  1. A group idea I'm thinking of.

    Sounds Interesting.
  2. Really cool guide, thanks!
  3. A Basic Roleplaying Guide

    I agree with Katenex
  4. Not being a badass character.

    I find that almost every character in DayZRP is involved in the military...
  5. A guide to the DayZRP crafting system

    Thanks for the guide!
  6. // Well, I am gonna go hide now
  7. Hello, My name is Cole Pfeiffer.

    Nice character back story! Looks really nice!
  8. New to the server? Check this!

    Nice video! I laughed so hard when you said "pew pew pew"
  9. Hello.

    I'm Coolairman, and I have seen DayZRP before and it looks interesting. I can't wait to get on the server and start Role playing. I didn't like the regular DayZ servers as everyone seemed too happy to shoot everyone else, there is no realistic role play whatsoever. I have played a lot of other serious role playing servers like S.T.A.L.K.E.R Role play and Half Life 2 Role play, and I'm interested in checking this out. I hope to have a fun time in this wonderful community.