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  1. He went to Chernarus to find Mont. (I know Roofcake in real life and our stories are going to tie together)
  2. I'll keep this in mind thanks for the feedback
  3. Well, it was summer time in New Orleans when all Hell broke loose. I was doing my daily rounds as a ski patrol officer downtown, when I heard a blood curdling shriek. I shuffled over to the scene of the commotion, where I found a young woman being destroyed be an elderly looking man. I hauled him off of the woman and held him against the building. And then I looked into his eyes. Those eyes. Those goddamn eyes........ Bloodshot, fierce, nearly paralyzing me long enough to take a massive chunk out of my arm. I drew my handy .45 revolver and put a round in the man's leg. Other bystanders started gathering at the scene, as well as other patrol officers. The man didn't seem the least bit fazed by the gushing bullet wound in his leg and hurled himself at me. I put another one in the fucker's chest, to no avail. In a last ditch effort, I jammed the smokin' barrel of that .45 into this asshole's mouth, said the 7th grace, and squeezed that trigger one last time. Bits of grey matter and skull fragments littered the sidewalk and wall of the building. Later that evening, I called up my old buddy, Mont Cowes. I had seen some crazy shit and it would make for one wild ass story for him. Turns out, his lazy ass had already left country on a bigger assignment. So, when his wife picked up the phone, the poor creature was bawling her eyes out. Him, always goin' off on these assignments, she had to be a strong woman. She never cried when he left, and she wouldn't tell me anything about his assignment. Looks like I was pullin' his ass outa the fire again. So, first chance I got, I crammed my suitcase full of whatever was in arms reach and caught the first flight to Chernarus. A big thanks to Roofcake for helping me edit this! That 7th grace part was awesome!