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  1. Michail or Mike as his friends called him, was living in a small apartment in Vysotovo, working at the harbors of Chernogorsk or Prigorodki before the outbreak. He enjoyed hiking in the forests or fishing at the seaside. Thats why he got some basic knowledge in reading maps and compass, handeling knives for cooking food or crafting. As it all started he was at work, managing to get on a last phonecall with his parents, before the telephone-system was shutdown. They said, they would come to him and pick him up, so with all the chaos around him he and his coworkers tried to get away, as they also witnessed the plane crash in the skyscraper. At that moment all hell broke loose and everyone tried to fight for themselves. He succesfully came back to his apartment, barricading his door. He had no car so he had no chance to look after his loved ones, which where living in other cities. The days passed by and nobody came, all he could do was observe from the window of his room. He tried sitting the situation out, but on the 4th day the food ran out and everything were still off the line. He packed all his usable stuff in a backpack and decided to take his feet out the door to see whats left of the world. Since then hes travelling around.
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