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  1. The time spent at Altar was great, I will definitely try to stop by again next time there's a broadcast. It's a shame about Alex though. May he rest in peace.
  2. Rick Hunt! That was his name. I knew the last name was definitely Hunt, but for some reason my mind kept wanted to say Alex was the first name. I'll edit my post and fix that typo.
  3. So just got off from having spent a day at Alter Radio Station with Caddy and a lot of other guys. During a part near the end of his broadcast where a few people were facing off against Rick Hunt in a fist-fight for the prize of a car and Alex Griffin died after having been knocked out by Rick.
  4. Ah, sorry for the duplicate. I had mostly made this due to needing the one post and all, and I couldn't really think of anything else.
  5. New and waiting on my whitelist application to either be accepted or denied (hopefully accepted). Was wondering what good areas in the way of camps and all I could visit and all first.
  6. Hey there every one, sent my whitelist application a few hours ago, hope to be accepted and be able to play with most, if not all, of you!