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  1. Wow figures I try to get on 3 days the deadline is over, and subsequently screw myself and now have to reply.
  2. It was a late February morning, Rex awoke to nothing new on the news. Well in part due to the fact that he didn't believe in t.v.'s, phones, and radios. Hes only correspondence came from his younger brother Bryan via mail, which he would only receive once a week from local voyages down the mountain into town. Ever since the initial infection in Cherno Rex hasn't heard much from his brother. He knew his brother joining the UN would be a nice cushion type job seeing as Bryan was a Civil Engineer and wouldn't be needed much. That all changed once the Hospitals became over ran with new cases of patients becoming infected. The UN quickly called Bryan to help with the building of new Hospital relief centers. Shortly after Bryan arrived the mail stopped. Rex, determined to find out what happened to his little brother sold his 150 acres in Montrose, Colorado. Bought himself a one way ticket to Russia where he hiked across the Black Mountains to get into Cherno. Determined to find his brother Rex will stop at nothing, but just maybe he can use his survival hunting skills along the way to find the last remnant of his family and even save the people of Cherno. One zombie kill at a time.
  3. Im guessing so. Its the only logical reason i cant log in even though im GUID authenticated. Try to log in to the SA server and i just get a constant Waiting for Host sentence.
  4. Curious as to why i cant log onto the DayZ standalone server. I verified my GUID but its still not letting me load into the Server.
  5. thx a bunch tyrone. Finally figured out how to get to that page.
  6. soooooo outa curosity how do i know if my App for whitelisting was approved or denied?
  7. Thx for the warm welcome hoping to be able to get in soon and do some awesome RPGing
  8. Hi names John Grames and hopefully ill be making my appearance sometime in the near future for the dayz mod.