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  1. I'm very new to this community so I fully expect to get told to "STFU" about this topic as I've not actually been involved in the community and I have not got a character that I have dedicated so much time and love into. Still, after having read through this thread, the lore and the many character backgrounds, journals and stories here I do feel I need to say something. The idea of a complete reboot is both a little disturbing and very exciting as a prospective member of this RP community. While I won't be having to integrate myself with the long-standing factions and daily struggles of the current universe, I will instead be part of something new where my actions and the interaction with others will have a much more profound impact upon the world as a whole. That's scary, exciting, intimidating and inspiring. All the debate about the time in which the DayZRP SA universe will begin in is deeply encouraging. People who didn't care about the community they were part of and the universe they were involved with wouldn't debate this heatedly (both for and against it) about the matter. From what I've read, there's three positions for timeline currently in people's minds (and yes, I am ripping off the "28" series of films here, they are some of my favourite zombie apocalypse films of all time). The "Day Zero" setting, where the apocalypse has really only just begun. The "28 Days Later" setting, where there are already small pockets of survivors starting to form but the fear is ever present and ingrained into every decision and reaction. The "28 Months Later" setting, where major powers have really begun to form and while the zombie menace is still a real and present danger the survivors have begun to find ways and means of surviving and even thriving. Now, as several people here have pointed out, the world of Chernarus has enough decay and damage that the "Day Zero" option is a bit of a stretch. Particularly as unless NPC civilians are added to be the "idiots who get themselves killed in the first 20 minutes of the zombie film", we're going be light on warm bodies and heavy on zombies. Survivors would literally be still reeling from the shock of the situation and the loss of friends, family, co-workers and loved ones. The "28 Days Later" scenario, as Tomeran and others have pointed out, has the potential to have all the "early days of survival" fear, betrayal, barely surviving, onset of malnutrition, etc. The level of decay and destruction in the towns and cities is within reason, particularly as the military has been involved in some pretty heavy conflict during the initial week if we roughly apply the lore which Tomeran has laid out in the lore thread. This scenario also has the potential for groups to be pre-formed, at first glance I can see several immediate group types which could be used for people who want to start off together and have sufficient RP potential that the advantage of starting in a group can be offset through clever and well thought-out character back stories. Remnants of local law enforcement. Remnants of Chernarus military. Remnants of Russian special forces. Remnants of NATO forces. Local street gangs. Survivors from small communities in villages and towns who managed to cling on by the skin of their teeth. Again, using the pre-existing lore we know that the military forces have been heavily decimated by the apocalypse and it's almost certain the local command structure has begun to disintegrate. This means that surviving units would most likely be functioning under whoever the highest rank would be, this could be anything from captains to corporals. There's plenty of scope for the military groups to fragment with some becoming well armed, well trained bandit groups, some trying to help protect whatever survivors they can gather, some just trying to desperately get home to their families! The same can be construed from local law enforcement, if you fold in some corruption in certain areas of the law enforcement then even more scope opens up for some rather unpleasant but interesting characters to roleplay as. Local street gangs would probably be one of the big sources of bandit factions, particularly those in and around the cities and while they lack the formal training of LEOs and soldiers, they have the inherent low cunning and survival instincts that many street hoods would develop. This lends itself towards a more brutal, tribalistic grouping. Of course, it's entirely possible that said street gangs may step up and work to protect their community against the zombie menace, but this I think is a rather idealistic view. And finally I come to the "small and battered communities of survivors" who will do whatever it takes to keep themselves and each-other safe. I can see quite a bit of potential for internal friction and politics here, something for a larger group who want a more emotive and drama-filled group perhaps? Most, if not all, of the above points for the "28 Days Later" scenario hold true for the "28 Months Later" scenario. This scenario is where larger groups have begun to form, smaller bandit and survivor groups have either been wiped out or absorbed into other groups and much of the initial formation of the game's lore has been set in place. Now it's the time of the major story arcs and the smaller stories that play out inside and between factions. Border skirmishes, zombie herds, large scale banditry and communities really beginning to thrive in the apocalypse. Phew! *wipes forehead* That came out substantially longer than I anticipated! My personal viewpoint is that the "28 Months Later" scenario requires a much more matured version of SA and dropping the whole community into such a setting, while certainly good initially, may prove to be restrictive in the long-term. Starting with a "28 Days Later" scenario in which survival is still critical and survivor groups are mostly nomadic lends itself not only to the current state of SA but also allows the "28 Months Later" scenario to be formed naturally over time, creating a more organic experience. That concludes my two pennies, I won't be placing a vote in the poll as I really haven't got the right to vote on this topic. If you have read this entire wall of diatribe then congratulations and commiserations, have a free shot of vodka on me. Edit: Small grammar correction.
  2. Umm, you could always say that you had acute food poisoning and hallucinated the experience due to your raging fever and delirium... or the mushroom soup you ate wasn't very palatable...
  3. Question: How long a voyage would it be from Oslo or Kiev to the coast of Chernarus? I'm working on the backstory of my character currently and I am trying to work out if Oslo or Kiev would have sufficient travel time for a cantankerous old cargo ship (about the size of the wreck between Berezino and Svetlojarsk). I'm trying to get it so that if the ship set sail within the first 3 to 4 days then they would still be abut half-way there by the time everything fell apart globally.
  4. The toilet example was probably a little out there, though the example was meant in the same context as a method actor wants to know what their character would be thinking in a given situation. I try and think how my character would think when I'm in-character, so the little details mostly never leave my head, but they have a compound effect upon the decisions my character would make. I'm probably not explaining this too well, I cite only being half-way through my second cup of tea today! I think I saw somewhere on the forum something along the lines of "If it couldn't be in a Disney film...", which seems like a really good mantra to RP by. At least that way it reduces the risk of someone misinterpreting something you say or do.
  5. Thankyou for suggesting MorphVox, am having a play around with it now. I'm surprised at how well it feminises my voice.
  6. Hello all, guess I should introduce myself. I started playing DayZ relatively recently, though from the get-go I realised that I would want to roleplay in this game. The setting and environment are like a big box of assorted biscuits! I'm still writing the background and motivations for my character so it will be some time before I put my whitelist request in, probably at least a few weeks as I am also in the middle of my university exam period. As to who I am and what I'm about... I'm a tea-drinking, biscuit eating, sandwich munching, mint-chewing Englishman from the north! I'm not massively experienced in RP, I cut my teeth RPing in Anarchy Online though I drifted out of the RP community there as I was suck of the "I single-handedly saved the world from a great evil" stories and arcs. I dislike superhuman and saviour stories, my style of RP is day-to-day story-telling. Sitting down and telling a tall tale around a camp-fire, exploring somewhere to simply see what is on the other side and in general LIVING the story. For example, I'm currently wondering how you roleplay going to the toilet in DayZ, should I use paper to wipe my backside with or should I leave it as an unspoken? If I use paper, should I scribble a description into the note that says something like "[This piece of paper is heavily soiled with something that looks and smells rather like faeces]"? I guess I'd describe myself as someone who focuses (perhaps overly so) on the smaller details.
  7. Thankyou for the feedback! The text-only option is always a possible fallback, though I do quite like the gas-mask idea. A voice manipulator is something that hadn't occurred to me so thankyou for suggesting that! A voice manipulator combined with the throat infection damage would be a relatively viable combination and any burrs in the voice manipulation can be easily explained a being throat damage. I have to admit, the Dr. Girlfriend suggestion made me giggle quite a bit! As for people stigmatising me for using my natural voice... I've had to deal with prejudice and narrow-mindedness more than once in my life, particularly over my difficulties playing a male character in games. So I doubt my ego will get that bruised by people's opinions on that topic, everyone's entitled to their own opinion, you just have to remember that you don't have to agree with them on it... I'll think on this some more as I'm working out my character's story and background.
  8. Hello all, I searched through the questions area fairly thoroughly for an answer to this but if I missed a prior posting about it then I offer my humble apologies. My question is this: As a rather deep-voiced male, would it still be permissible to roleplay as a female character? My concern is that a deep male voice coming over voice communication from a female character may induce a degree of immersion whiplash and ruin the RP experience. A couple of possible (albeit slightly weak) workarounds I've contemplated are: 1: My character underwent gender reassignment (I really don't like this one as it smacks of being a total kluge) 2: Childhood throat infection resulted in a damaged oesophagus and an unusually deep voice. (This could be interesting and if I could develop it right it could become a point of humour for the character) Though I would be very open to character suggestions on this point... To head off some possible comments which may come in response to this: "Why not just play a male character then?" - I have had an aversion to playing male characters ever since I started playing games on my first PC. I have never felt comfortable with the extension of myself being male and sometimes it has been actually painful to play a male character. A female character feels perfectly natural and much easier to roleplay as. This probably points out something in my deep subconscious but I'm no psychologist.