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  1. Just because you're a farmer doesn't mean you can never hunt something in places with such wilderness and countryside o: Artur Melor, my first and only character thus far is (was) a farm hand that's gone hunting before. How the dude's got a suit 'cause even in shitty situations, people are more likely to take you seriously if you have a suit on :3
  2. Hey there, I had voted "I approve but looks like it could use some work." Reason: It seems like as if 14 days (literally, two weeks) is a bit rushed for approx 60%+ of the world as we know it to be pretty F'd in the A with 90% of the world's services to be down only limited to PMC and military remains. People would probably try to fight against the zombies with what guns they have, along with clashes with the military. Also, I believe the term 'immune' is false to the survivor's ability to not be infected as there is the 'Sepsis' mechanic present, I believe the term 'Resilient' ought to replace it which would be far more understandable. Though it's surprising that no attempt at epic-heavy weaponry (carpet bombing, H1 bombs/nukes etc) are not mentioned and/or used which are a common thing in such situations. Also, the media normally sends reporters to any situation the military goes into or at least, locals would take videos with phones/pictures to send to the media which just about everyone has available to them on even cheap-ass phones so there'd be a massive surge of information coming from Chernerus and even the other countries once it got to them. It was a very nice read, regardless though! I didn't quite feel as immersed in it because it seemed to be far too narrative without painting much of a picture (though what images were supplied were very nice), it felt more like reading a news article rather than much else. Granted, you could have made quite the story out of it but I doubt you'd have had the time to make a 10k+ word story nor would most be willing to read it so I can understand that much.
  3. Really for myself, I'd like to see if there was a way to make it more clear, possibly boosting it a bit. Don't know about reverting anything, just increasing on those two points that'd probably make others happy. I've suggested once before that you allow vehicles to have a 'window down' option so that if someone wants to talk to another/hear another clearly, they select that option and they hear it like as if they're outside (for enclosed vehicles such as cars, not sure about others). A texture change wouldn't have to really be implemented though. Just my two cents.
  4. From my experiences so far, the costline is pretty good. Elektro/Cherno I've met a total of about 8~9+ people the 3 times I logged in and played properly.
  5. Haha, totally gonna happen if my girlfriend manages to get a computer that can run the mod properly then yeah, that'll probably happen :B How can I forget ya ? Yeah man, I'm normally in the LFG section of the Teamspeak so if you look there from time to time, you'll probably see me Aye aye cap't, looking forward to the day we meet too! Same here! This community encourages a positive attitude so it's pretty cool, I look forward to meeting anyone and everyone
  6. Eyyo all, I'm 22 and live in Malta! It's eh...hardly picture worthy I'd say ._.
  7. I just wanted to say, you have an amazing quote o: I know that was off-topic but it just rung so well with me :v On topic: I think the car noises are a fair bit too loud, I'd like the option to roll down the window so you can just turn off the motor and speak to others without having to get out of the car (even if there's no texture change showing the open window, it'll have the mechanics of allowing you to speak while still inside the vehicle)
  8. Oh okay, I thought the camp in S2 was made like the other ARMA II houses/towns that some users make. I haven't seen it yet to not spoil it for myself :I I don't play the mod either, lack of time aside, it takes a bit of time to find a random encounter on either side (mod/dayZRP) so I'd rather have it meaningful rather than the typical KoS I've encountered in the mod, despite being nothing but friendly. Hell, one time I was in the office building, back turned to the door, I was trying to change some clothes and some thwacking (my personal way of saying 'wanker') bastard just guns me down when I just had a pistol, Winchester and no drink with little food and a tiny-ass backpack (on the Epoch mod, no less). So yeah, at least there's anti-KOS hardlining going on here, which is something that I'm really happy about! Oh man! I had no idea what your forum name was, haha personally I was a slight shaken up with that, actually haha. Artur was hardly pleased but realized that it was a joke :3 Actually, I'd suggest you start off on your own a bit so you can get the hang of certain unique aspects of this mod/community so you can help him out when he gets whitelisted!
  9. Really? I've had more success in third person. Also, what are generally mid/high-traffic areas to visit for RP's o: ? I found most along the cost line but keeping myself hydrated inland is pretty darn hard Prud- S1 and S2 http://www.dayzrp.com/t-prud-lake-by-kakan Tradepost- S2 Only http://www.dayzrp.com/t-trade-post-announcement-thread Kōtei Shima - Emperors Island- S1 and S2 http://www.dayzrp.com/t-k%C5%8Dtei-shima-emperors-island And just the random camps scattered around the map, There is one near Polana Factory where these mechanics have set up there to help people with their cars. Woah dude, these are made with in-game materials or is there a program one uses to make this sort of stuff? Also how come the outpost is only on S2 (explains why it's the most populated one now)
  10. Really? I've had more success in third person. Also, what are generally mid/high-traffic areas to visit for RP's o: ? I found most along the cost line but keeping myself hydrated inland is pretty darn hard
  11. Yeah thanks man, met a dude and well, he helped fend off a horde that came after us, I had sepsis so I dropped my stuff and well, went down fighting the rest of the horde to let him make proper use of what I had. Pretty fun second day! Appreciated! Looking forward to meeting you and other such fine people as yourself. Haha, let's not get too far ahead of ourselves shall we? Having a girlfriend and job tend to chunk out of one's life though yes, I do look forward to each new session I can have!
  12. Fair enough, though you had pointed out that there was having a hatchet arena or something already available? That trumps the need for my idea then.
  13. Ah that case, I understand what you mean by that and that's why I suggested: The point of the elevated position of the seating would be so that they're safe and chances of being shot are pretty low and probably would have to be intentional. Obviously viewers would be advised of the potential risks of viewing. This is obviously just a concept, so any input on how to make it functional and safe would be great!
  14. I had done a quick edit just now, actually Should'a thought of it before :c
  15. An idea has been crawling in my head, though with the rules I'm not sure how well it'll go down with the admins/mods. Essentially, what I'm thinking is of a structural layout is so that the 'seating' areas are at an elevated position (with potential for VIP area(s)?) Where essentially there's a 2-6 man space for people to duke it out in a CQC/CQB styled layout. People can list for either specific weapons only (Limiting it to certain categories such as semi-auto pistols, shotguns, rifles etc) to all-out 'run with any gun' type (I'd advise against 1 shot weapons to not cut the event(s) short?) After each round, there would be storage areas available for where friends can pick-up their gear for their fallen friends (the NLR declares specifically that only YOU cannot reclaim gear so it should be fine?), and/or even possibly be a dueling arena so that clans can take care of business in a manner like this! It'll be available for public use (upon request so that the entire place doesn't get looted dry? Idk.) Possibly with having radio (internet radio/teamspeak) 'show hosts' for the event(s) that take place! Any feedback on this o: ? Obviously something like this is kinda big so it may require some cooperation help to construct the place. Edit: Obviously I understand the KoS rule may be brought up here but obviously, that is null due to the fact that: A) By participating in the Battle Arena (BA) one automatically is declaring him/herself to be hostile to other combatants within the arena. B) Prior to the battle starting, all of the combatants will also be informed of the above and reminded of the rules. To prevent 'unlawful' looting of their bodies, it's suggested that they take screenshot(s) of their inventory and carry only what is required (primary/secondary + Ammo and some bandages, maybe bloodbags if 'teams' are involved?) while storing everything else either at their own base or within the storage crate(s) made available in the event that they require them. C) As you may have guessed, it's against the rules to loot the bodies of those downed in combat. So make sure you have good amounts of ammo