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  1. Thank you @Jackfishand the rest of Inner Circle for popping my hostage and torturerp cherry, that was a fucking rollercoaster ride! Don't think my heart has ever beaten that hard in any RP scenario before, really well done! It may be 2.40 am at the time of posting this, but goddamn was it worth staying up late. Also work 8 am tomorrow, shoot me. Thank you all for the great RP, can't wait to do more!
  2. Thomas grew up in a steady home, being an only child in central Manchester. His mum and dad were happily married, and things went smoothly throughout his childhood. Thomas was always a quiet kid, not the type to speak much at all. He was always a bit of a loner, resulting from his upbringing with just his two parents. While the boy was not exactly an outcast, he was not the one to stand forth and be the clown of the class. But overall, he cared for everyone. Saw good in everybody. Something his parents brought onto him. "All people are equal, Tom. Rich, homeless, doesn't matter. All peopl
  3. 1. love you too 2. elaborate good rp as always btw
  4. Thank you @Fallen_666sfor all our time together on Frederick. Not only were you and @Niveousthe ones that got me proper into DayZRP and made me stick to it, you also gave me some of the best RP I have ever had. Thank you! And fuck you for making me cry like that, that's fucking rude.
  5. pl4nk

    ??? - Lore Event


    Will hostages potentially be PK'ed?
  6. Do you have an ETA on when the electric guitar will be added to the item shop?
  7. Ah yes electric guitar, thank you @Empress<3
  8. So this is that status update thingy everyone uses? Nice.
    Well I like bacon, I don't know about the rest of you.

  9. 6th page Rebirthed. Fuckin' great, I got something to do now. Cordis Aido is back on their feet. Sort of. I guess. Saw a familiar face again for the first time in a while. Felt nice. Missed you, really. Glad you are okay. I dunno, these new faces here though... They're good and all but- I dunno. I dont really know what to think of them, what to think of it. Seems like people are leaving me in the dark on a lot of things. Am I needed here? Should I pack my shit and leave? Where will I go? Should I, well, leave? Why the fuck am I even writing in this thing anymore... I've ha
  10. @Niveous, @Earl , @Fallen_666sand I told each other dad jokes. Yes, I lost even more IQ. Was it worth it? Yes. To everyone at Cordis camp yesterday, thank you for coming, and it was a pleasure meeting a lot of new faces
  11. 5th page So... It's been a while, Diary. How about a short recap then.. Black NBC people from Russia are trying to wipe out Chernarus with lethal gas. Great. CLF disbanded. Nice. Cordis Aido also disbanded... Bummer. Moved into a barn right besides Mary and Freddy, chill neighbors. And now some supernatural shit is going on and I don't know what is real anymore. Seriously, we see what looks like Mary walking around in a fucking field... And she just ducks behind a haybale and vanishes. What the fuck???? And that... Thing, down at the barn... I just.. I don't even know wha
  12. Credit to @N1RU and @Pepsi for the edit
  13. Thank you to everyone who came to our base yesterday, and to our new members!
  14. 4th page We were hit a 3rd time. They didn't take much at all, so I'm guessing it wasn't that big of a deal anyway. Anyway, I went down to Western trader with Fred and Mary... Things got out of hand, for sure. The dad jokes are giving me worse PTSD than Afghanistan, jesus christ. But hey-ho, I started it. Can't blame Freddy for being a funny guy. *The picture above would be sketched with a pencil onto the page.* While I was laying in that OP (Observation post), watching over the waters... I dunno. I considered 'leaving for good', so to speak. The one thing I was fighting for bef
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