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  1. Friedrich Schuhmacher called "Fritz" is the Son of Thomas and Susanne Schuhmacher who came to Nyheim after it declared independence. He grew up in the city and due to the harsch environment and the war, he had to learn to defend and take care for him self preatty early. He learned how to hunt and fisch, he is also able to treat basic injuries and sicknesses with local herbs. He was very interested in becoming a doctor but because of the situation the books he had about medicene had to be enough. Now he is wandering through the region searching for work where he can to put food on the table.
  2. yes i did make the char for namalsk but ill try reinstall first. did you install namalsk and namalsk survival?
  3. Downloaded namalsk and namalsk survival and the dayzrp collection. I deleted everything else. Name fits, IP and Password fits. Idk Whats the problem can sb pls help? Thanks in advace
  4. yes i wear one of these thanks for helping ?
  5. I cant aim my guns i just can shoot out of my hip
  6. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): You are banned! Your account is currently banned from DayZRP game servers because of the following reason: NLR Breach - Check Forums Your ban expires in 3 day(s) and 1 hour(s) Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Today I died at cherno port of starvation, not of Combat. So i decieded to make a whole new character and spawned somwhere North of cherno. I met a Girl there named jane. I asked her where i can find a new gun (because my new character was a soldier) and where i was. she told me to go
  7. I would like to start the Red Cross of Chernarus to help wounded, starving and thirsty survivours.
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