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  1. Reviewing them now...so never. :troll: lol k sounds good ive downloaded dayzrp and applied my whitelist is there anything else I need to do or just wait for the whitelist to go through? By the way lemme hear your guys characters wanna hear what everyone else has come up with
  2. Would anyone know how long it takes on average for a whitelist application to be accepted by administrators?
  3. thanks just waiting for someone to accept my whitelist application now also trying to get a few friends to come play as well hopefully not only I but they can add to this server as well.
  4. Yup I read it all filled out the application and am ready to go thanks for the welcome!
  5. Hey guys I've just applied for a whitelist and saw that I also need to post in forums just wanted to say hi so hopefully thanks for letting me join this server and see you out in the apocalypse.