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    Looking For Active Players To Join My YouTube Series

    Hopefully I'll be reapproved here soon, if you need a reoccurring character that is like an overwatch, let me know.
  2. It's there, I promise! Maybe.
  3. Hey! Yeah I'm working on the app, just waiting for a cooldown to go away. I messed up on the OOC question, hah. Thanks for the welcomes!
  4. Hey everyone! Mr.Brightside is back, you may remember me from two years ago with the three lore posts i made. ;D (I wish). Well, I've decided to come back into this now that i've finally upgraded my gear to a new laptop that can handle arma 3 and 2 beautifully as well as Standalone. I'll be posting in some threads every now and then, posting up some more stories for you pretty lads.
  5. Yes indeed! I have posted a few others as well.
  6. I may do that once I have a bit more. But at the moment I'll keep doing what I'm doing. Unless people request it, I don't thin these are too terribly popular.
  7. They've locked me in here, no window, no hope. Or at least that's how I feel. "SHUT YOUR HOLE!" The voice echoed out into nothing as the black haired adolescent leaned back onto the wall. His legs kicking it every now and then. I know it's not normal. What they're doing. They aren't who they are. They say things that make no sense. It bugs me to no end. I don't understand why I'm here, or what will become of me, but I'm trapped. I've been given me a choice. No one has said it, but I know. Oh I know too well. The gun next to me, I've pointed it at my head many a time in the past seventeen years, three months, ten days, eleven hours, seven minutes, and six seconds. They have given me a constant choice. One I cannot comprehend. However I need them, and they need me. I don't want to need them, but its the only way. And they know that. So they keep coming back. The anger more intense each time, the abuse, the torture. Yet I cannot stop. Their reason, it holds me in place, their ideas seem more and more sane. I know it's wrong... I just can't... I just can't. One day they'll let me go. I'll be free again. Free to see Eliz, Micah, hell, I'd even be happy to see Joey again. But I can't get my hopes up.... They're coming back soon. I can feel them drawing near. The words they speak so eerily. "Mr. Grayson, the choice is yours." They repeat it, over. And over. And over. And over. I can't stand it. The worst part is, the part I don't get, the one thing that tears at me the most. More than anything. More than the dark spaces, the gun staring at me, their horrendous smile.... Why... "Why do you sound like me...?"
  8. I did post one earlier as well. I believe that one is better. Ps.Imayormaynotbedoingthat
  9. I don't understand why I did it. Looking back it was most likely me just thriving for the human interaction I had lacked since the fall, whether it be negative or positive. I just ran in there, no regard for myself, my possessions, those who depended on me. It was selfish and I knew it. Yet my body moved on it's own. Their walls towered over me and as I stood there I thought about what would happen, what could destroy these walls. Nothing, only those who built them. Sadly that's exactly what was about to come, if only I knew that. As I entered no one was around. I checked all the large buildings, even followed the smell of rotting flesh, yet all I found were heaps of dead. Seeing a light in the distance I had to feel my way out of their crevices that had hid a rusted 9mm. One mag was left. I hoped it would fire, yet there was no way I could count on it in a pinch. It all happened too soon. The bullets zigzagged through the buildings as I saw the muzzle flash from the side of my vision. At first I threw up my arms hoping they'd realize I was a man, not a monster, however it seems I was the one mistaken. They were the ones that needed to be shown. Ducking down I heard the cries of men as I shot over the edge. I must've hit at least a few. God spare them. I could only last for a few seconds before they would close in on me, so I darted, what I stupid thing to do. I ran to the tallest building there, next to it was a large siren. Running inside I must've allowed myself to be in the open for too long as I was shot in the thigh. It hurt like hell, and it still hurts. Running inside I may it into a room and locked the door. I wish I hadn't. Blood was spattered everywhere, on the ground lay the bodies of men and women. I'm not sure but there may have been a child or two as well. I knew those men chasing me were the ones who did this, they had to have been. A group taking over a base of another. A sickening act, however it happened. They had to go down. The siren outside began to blare as I pushed the button, moments later they were inside and I was bagged and out as a light. My hearing began to return before my sight, though my eyes weren't of much use now. The dull sound of the siren echoed in the background as the stench of musty basement rushed into my nostrils nearly choking me. I head the men walking around. As soon as they noticed I was conscious they got me up onto my knees and took off the bag on my head. "Who are you?" They asked. Smiling a bit, I couldn't let this chance go. "I'm Mr.Brightside."
  10. The vast darkness of the forests and the fresh smell of rain made last night even more distinguished than the last few weeks of hiking. It's a wonder how the animals have survived so spectacularly through this. It makes me think, think how we have always believed with the end of us, would come the end of the world. But now it has become apparent to me that we are not the end. We are not what keeps the world turning. It was self centered and narcissistic of us to believe this. In fact, the end of us is what created such beauty in the first place. I wonder at times, that once we are gone, what will the next be? Will it be some intelligent being that has taken millennia to evolve, or will it be some feral beast that uses bloodshed and violence to keep its dominance? I spoke to a man today... He was huddled inside one of the abandoned buildings. His hair nearly all regrown after clearly being shaven, his beard a mess, blood splattered on his clothes. I attempted to help the man, and at first he seemed compliant. He even spoke his name, and for hours we sat around some firewood we were unable to start, eating the raw beans I hastily opened with my knife. I leaned many things about him. How he had a wife, three children. Hell, his dog was still out there. Wandering around in the woods. He said he saw it the other day but was too ill to call out. I don't believe him, but I comforted him nonetheless. After I had my fill of beans and of him, I decided it was time to head out and go onward east. Being stopped the man said he noticed the 9mm strapped to my belt. I knew I should have hid it. This happens much to often. I followed his wishes and left. It was my last bullet.
  11. Thanks guys! I appreciate all the Killer advice and welcomes. I think of you all as Friends of Mine. I didn't meant to create such a Fuss when I first made this thread but I Just Don't Know Now.
  12. Hello everyone! Mandatory intro post here, my name is Tj but please call me Mr.Brightside. I enjoy playign DayZ for hours on end and having no life. How are you all?