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  1. I was totally crying at the end there, funniest rp I have had in a while.
  2. Wow looks really good
  3. Fireaxe does make sense, but I was reffering to the spliting axe or the hatchet. But you do have a point, no need to waste time with stuff like this I guess
  4. From what I am understanding, it is not for realism or rp, more for balance I guess ? I mean axes are quite op, being able to bust down ever door and metal doors are not the easiest to make, so making it harder to break them would be nice.
  5. Great work @sung @KpopKilla, can't wait to get down to it with you guys
  6. canadian_boi


    Heya, good to have you here, hopefully we shall meet in Chernarus
  7. [ Pre Outbreak ] [ Third Wave ] [ Post Outbreak ] [ Journal ] [ People ]
  8. Down with the amerikanski super soldiers !
  9. Top notch rp, thanks for the experience RF !
  10. It could be neat to have a open variant for the denim jackets, because currently they look quite blocky and ugly. Not sure if a mod exists for this but just throwing a suggestion out there. Sort of like this :
  11. That party was insane lmao.
  12. Crazy man, he crazy !
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