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  1. This looks interesting, best of luck to you lads.
  2. I had spawned back in the hospital after not playing for about 4 days, so I ran out and got in position to initiate, I yelled something along the lines of everybody hands up and started guarding the car. After, I saw who I think is Aron run out with a gun, so I shot him. I then managed hostages for the rest of the situation.
  3. We hit 100 votes for yes, let's make this happen !
  4. Hey welcome to the server buddy, hope you have a great stay
  5. Ehh I mean I wear them when we are just campfire RP-ing just to lift peoples spirits in these trying times, but when I see people running around with them seriously, it just takes me out of RP. People would pull goofy shit like this IRL just to cheer people up and whatnot, but I draw the line when some floatie squad comes and initiates on you.
  6. Fair enough, I was more or less talking about a fire glitch that left me with 8 cuts and half of a bandage to patch myself up with in the post above.
  7. I have suprisingly found myself in a situation where I have no bandages and only duct tape or sewings kits multiple time, and I was thinking, maybe being able to bandage with said items could be a good alternative if you are in a pinch. Realistically, someone could just tape a wound shut or sew it up. I know you can craft rags, but when you are pressed for time, sometimes a quick DIY bandage with duct tape could come in handy. Thoughts ?
  8. Hey welcome to the server, don't forget to pay your respects to our lord and saviour @Roland every morning.
  9. Tearing shit up with the lads
  10. Silas was born in July, 1998 to a middle class familly. His brothers, Jackson, Hugh and Harry were the most important people for him, for the simple fact that they did not make fun of his ondition, Pseudobulbar affect. It would cause him to laugh at any moment and he was bullied for it. His only friends were his brothers. The family had moved to America a few years after Silas was born. Silas quickly picked up the American accent a kept it throught his life. One day, his brother Hugh was diagnosed with a mental illness, so the familly decided to go on a trip to Chernarus to clear the mood. Unf
  11. Personally I just vent frustration in V++ and it works just fine, but I wouldnt be against a rust server
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      Free up my boy @Eszrych he ain't done nuttin

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      good to hear you chad, add me on discord : A Canadian Stereotype#5825

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  12. Sorry, was at school today but here is my POV : Most of the people tagged here have already said most of what happened, so i'll keep it brief. We made our way to the pub, where upon arrival, some of our group was already interrogating the OP. During the whole thing, Jackson was not really interested and making little effort to foward the rp. After the situation, it came to my attention he was dealing with thing IRL so I do not blame him for that. But from what I gathered, he was being lippy with Callahan and I decide to text rp hitting him with my bat, where he then cycled between standing and
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