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  1. I decided to cross the land bridge and head into Russia as a symbolism for a new start, a new country, new people, etc. Plus the radio we always listened to was U.S. or Canadian radio so heading south would only put me into an area that I knew the infection was already destroying.
  2. Sev

    Whatever's left...

    An enjoyable read.
  3. I thought my character's backstory was half decent so I'm going to post it here, and hopefully i'll get some feedback to improve it. "My name is Naus Leppni. I grew up in the northern Alaska wilderness with my father raising me on his own. My mother was... Out of the picture.. My father never talked about her much. It was a sensitive subject for him. Every time I mentioned her, he got this look in his eye that words could not even begin to describe, was it fury? Or was it utter sadness? I would never find out, because as soon as his eyes made contact with mine, He would force me to train. Ever since the age of 7 my father constantly made me practice the art of survival. I learned everything there was to learn about how to be a marksman, then I became one. My father taught me how to build shelters from almost nothing and how to work with my hands to become a master carpenter, so I became one. I practiced running for miles upon miles to be able to traverse long distances and escape immediate danger, tend to wounds that threatened my life, and deal with people who threatened me... He taught me to be a survivor. Now I am one. I don't how it began, or where it started, but the infection spread throughout the world like wildfire. My father said it would never get to us, but he was wrong. 3 weeks after my 18th birthday, my father came down with a fever. He eventually became bed ridden and started coughing up blood. This continued for 4 days until my father died in his sleep, and when I awoke to find his body. His skin was paled to a grey and mouth covered in blood. I could only stare in horror as his eyes began to flutter and hands started twitching. I had herd the symptoms on the radio and already knew what was happening. So I killed him. I no longer had anything left or any reason to stay. So I burnt the house to the ground in memorial to my father and headed west across the land bridge.. To Russia."
  4. I'm a new player here (or will be soon) This is my first time ever trying an RP server that has to be taken as serious as the rules imply so I hope that I'll have fun. (also, I thought that my backstory was half decent so if anyone wants to read it i'll post it)