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  1. before the outbreak i took work as a hunter i hunted animals such as deer and other small things just before the outbreak i was taking a vacation with my wife and two sons but while flying the plane was shot down by some sort of military group after crashing i found my wife and one of my sons to be dead and the other missing so i searched for him but after a few weeks of searching i find a group of bandits after killing the bandits i find the body of my dead son which make me go into a fit of rage now with other survivors ive met along the way i hurt, rob and kill innocent people to make sure that me and my friends survive.
  2. i thought that i was aloud to place mines and beartraps but after i was banned i looked at the rules again and saw that i was wrong. Im sorry to the people i killed with the mines and i have no problem with the consequences because i was in the wrong
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