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  1. Hammond Adams was born onto a farm in 1988. During his childhood he spent his time tending to the animals and playing as most young boys did. It wasn't until high school that he took up gem digging. At first he found little but as time progressed he began to find more and more until he was selling it in the local markets. After traveling to many places around the world in search of gems his travels led him to Chernarus. No more than a day after arriving he set off into the deep woods with several locations in mind. Spending months living in the woods he finally decided to return with what he had found. Upon walking across a field to the local town he noticed how quiet everything seemed, that was when he heard a gunshot. Ducking to the ground he scrambled to hide behind something, assuming the bullet was intended for him. Rather it was a man to his distant left, being attacked by what at the time seemed like an angry human. He laid there in the grass, watching as the human began to bite the man, even ripping his flesh from his bones. It was at that moment Hammond decided to head back into the woods and find another town. After hours of walking he came across the second town, this one wasn't as quiet as the first. As he lifted his binoculars to take a look he saw what the 'angry' humans truly were. He ran back into the woods, deciding he could make it on his own away from whatever creatures had infested the lands. After weeks of hiding out he found he couldn't stand the woods any longer, and so he decided it was time to face his fears and enter the hell that awaited.
  2. Clarence's mother was a nurse and his father a landscaper. As a young boy he would wander into the woods and stay there for hours, watching the wind blow through the leaves and listening to his favorite music. On his tenth birthday his grandmother bought him an expensive camera, this would spark his interest for photography. During his time in High School he began uploading his work to a blog, hoping somebody would notice and sure enough they did. For the next four years his work went on to feature on several news channels and his twitter page. He and his family decided to take a vacation on a cruise ship named the Costa Risacca. With him he brought several cameras, among them was his favorite polaroid camera. Clarence's family was assumed to have perished when it stuck the rocks. The only thing he managed to grab was the polaroid camera and his cd player, luckily they both took simple batteries easily obtained in Chernarus.
  3. *Static was heard before a man spoke over the radio* "Evening all, I'd like to take a moment to thank everyone that has taken note of our new radio station. We're working a few things out, maybe even a better schedule. As for the gentleman that requested Bitter Sweet Symphony, we will be checking our storage just for you. This has been the leader of Locust and the producer of 87.8 WJRI, Locust Radio, the entertainment of the apocalypse." *The broadcast ended*
  4. Entry #1 In my time, I’ve seen all sorts of people. This world seems to bring out the worst in everyone. Just last week I put a bullet into the side of some asshole’s head, he had it coming. I don’t believe in good and evil anymore. Before all of this, I thought everything was just black and white, now I know better. I’ve done it all, robbed people, killed people, saved lives. Hell, I’ve even ate someone, not my proudest moment. In the end, you do what you have to do. I’ve been in three groups now, the first two collapsed on themselves before they even got on their feet. Then Locust was born, that changed everything. After Rick up and vanished, I thought I’d be alone for good. Then one day, I came across a female, sitting next to a fire. I’ll never forget the scared look in her eyes, poor girl probably thought I was there to rob her, or worse. I’m not really sure what happened, one moment we were staring at each other in fear, disbelief, then next thing I know, I’m sitting next to the fire. I don’t remember what we said, well, rather what I said. You see, this girl I met was a mute. Turns out she had her throat slashed or something, I could never fully make out her finger flailing. I hadn’t realized how tired and weak I was until I slept for nearly two days straight. Even to this day, I still don’t know why she stayed. After I got some grub in me, she attempted to try shaking her fingers at me again. After a few moments of frustrated looks, she pulled paper from her bag and began to write on it, “My name is Anna” from that moment forward our friendship began. After packing up her camp, we decided to travel together. She seemed to warm up to me quickly, even seemed to feel safe around me. We traveled for days, stopping every now and then to scavenge or hunt an animal. We hadn’t ran into any other survivors since we had met, that was about to change. At noon we heard what sounded like gunshots, followed by cries of pain. I rushed through some thick bushes, searching for where the shots had came from, on the other side I found a man kneeling over one of the bleeding survivors. After a short examination of the situation, I worked out the two men had gotten into a fight over a can of beans. One of them lay dead, with a bullet hole right through his heart. While the other one had been gut shot. As I approached, the person kneeling over the bleeding survivor quickly drew a sawed off shotgun, aiming it at me. At that moment, I realized who it was, to my shock the man behind the shotgun was Cotton. He lowered the shotgun, giving me a look of disbelief. There was an uneasy air between us, the last time we saw each other was right before I joined a group of people with ideals that Cotton disagreed with. Cotton looked like he was about to say something before the man that had been shot cried out in pain again. The past faded away as our medical training kicked in, it felt like the old days. A few hours later we were in the house Cotton was staying in, the shot survivor was out cold on a bed. Small dots of blood shown through the bandages around the wound. Anna stood by the stove, cooking some stew. There was an uneasy feeling in the room. Cotton looked as if he expected me to attack him at any moment. Once the stew was finished, we ate dinner in silence. After dinner was finished we talked about what had happened since we last met, both of us had stories of pain and little joy. Two weeks passed as the man that had been shot recovered, he became strong enough to live on his own. Cotton decided to come with Anna and I, we left the man enough food for a few days and went on our way. It felt good to have Cotton at my side again, things were starting to look up. Over the new few weeks we picked up a few survivors, we found one about to shoot himself, the poor bastard had just shot his infected childhood friend. We convinced Victor to come with us. The next person we found had gotten himself trapped in an old broken down military truck. Victor set off a hydrogen canister in a nearby building, distracting the infected. We pulled Stephen from the truck, if we hadn’t come along when we had he likely would have died from dehydration. He too joined us. We ran across Alexander living in a hunting shack, he jumped at the chance to travel with us. Soon our numbers began to grow, we decided to called ourselves, Locust. The thought process behind the name was simple, Locust take everything that they can use, in a big enough swarm they over power anything in their way. That brings us to now, at some point during 2017. I assume it’s just past winter now, nearing spring. Though I could be completely wrong, it’s always cold in this hell hole.
  5. TheForgotten

    Welcoming all to stary yar!

    *Matthew raises his radio, pressing the PTT* Hello, a few friends and I are interested in checking out this gathering, we will be there within the hour. *He releases the PTT*
  6. Cameron Turner was not treated like shit, in his eyes rejecting his request to rob a couple of guy seems to be equal to us yelling at him or what ever he feels we did.
  7. It's truly too bad we weren't recording, however with the "rp" I've seen from both Jacob and Cameron, I expect to see reports on you in the future. Cameron is lucky a man they robbed shortly before coming to the church wasn't recording for an attempted RDM with a grenade, else he would be involved in two reports.
  8. I came back to the church in lopatino shortly after Cameron and Brodie got to the church. Soon after getting inside I heard Cameron Turner say over VOIP "I'm already in teamspeak, I'm in room 2." I wrote in the chat logs, saying sorry to Hassan for the horrible rp being done by our recruit. I went back outside to get some kindling for the fire I was attempting to start. After setting the fire place up I went to close the doors to the church, hearing Jacob yell for "Black, Black" to get on the ground. I quickly dashed out the door, drawing my rifle. After a short fire fight, I ended up shooting Jacob Turner. I was quickly rushed by Cameron Turner, we ended up killed each other.
  9. TheForgotten

    Kibuka's Shop [Open Freq]

    *Matthew picks up his radio, pressing his PTT* "I heard you are selling items, mr. Kibuka. Do you have any UN berets in stock?" *He'd release the PTT*
  10. No doubt the Suv. Just hear that thing purr