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  1. Might as well add other items to craft smores.
  2. TheForgotten

    Immersive names for weapons and items.

    I support this idea, it feels better to pick up an MP5 instead of whatever it is now.
  3. TheForgotten

    Event Thread

    I'm interested in helping in any way I can.,
  4. Having the ability to spawn basic DayZRP mod clothing like we currently can with the default clothing would be great. Since most of them are just recolors I can't imagine it would be too hard to add them into the store as selections on top of the default colors. I'm not sure if selling mod items beyond recolors would cause legal issues, but I'm sure the community can combine their brains and come up with a solution.
  5. TheForgotten

    Skin Mask Questions

    This is one of those things that fits to a very small amount of characters. As long as the person rps insanity correctly then I'm all for it, but that hasn't really been my experience.
  6. Do we really live in the matrix man?

  7. POV: Not long after arriving to the town we were approached by four individuals ranting about Russians, after surrounding us and some awkward rp they were told they could have our car. After this interaction we continued into the town where they approached us in the car, upon exiting they immediately began to surround us and demand Ryleigh speak so they could be sure she wasn't a Russian. (Her character has trouble speaking due to in character medical reasons). After this short interaction they initiated the robbing and we were forced to leave our bags outside, Ryleigh and myself were sent upstairs in a building they pulled us into and John was left downstairs for some time. When Ryleigh and I got upstairs we were told to strip completely, it was at this point that the bad rp began. Various things were said by them such as, "I'll need to relog to see if I can fix it". Throughout the entire thing I had several people yelling at me to shut up or not to speak, it became very difficult to tell who to comply with. My discontent was clear through the text rp I provided. Evidence: I personally have nothing besides my own word.
  8. TheForgotten

    The Blueberries are in town. (88.7)

    *The Radio crackles to life, a mellow sounding American voice emits* "The UN man, that's far out. Never thought I'd hear from you boys again. You guys are finally here to spread the peace and love around? I'm always down to help out however I can, anything for the cause of peace man." *The sound of bubbling water, followed by a loud coughing fit indicating he forgot to let go of the button before returning to his favorite pastime.* "If you need anything then I would be more than willing to offer my help, don't be afraid to contact me. Guru out" *Yet again the sound of bubbling water came over the radio, cutting off midway as he released the button*
  9. Early Life Floid was born in the early nineties on a small farm with very few luxuries and even less freedom. His father was an abusive man, viewing it as his job to punish even the slightest mistake with verbal and physical abuse. Margo's mother was all too willing to go along with his fathers wishes and sometimes he wondered if his mother hated him. School was the only place he found peace, often staying after school in the library to read about distant states and countries. During this time Floid came to hate his parents and his life, wondering if there was even a point in continuing. For years he lived under his fathers thumb and took more beatings than he could count. Before long he began to grow tall and fast enough to avoid his father completely, this would only serve to increase his fathers anger. The Revelation His teenage years would bring about a change that would shape his future and eventually lead to the man he is today. By this time Margo had a part time job and was starting to find some enjoyment in his life, his job gave him an escape from his home life and gave him an escape from his own thoughts. One night however he came home to his father waiting for him, a half empty bottle of whiskey in one hand and his other hand clenched into a fist. As his father approached something snapped in Margo he made a decision to stand his ground, after a long struggle he eventually pinned his father to the ground and his rage and hate from the years of taking it overtook him, he laid punch after punch into his father until he fell back exhausted. The sudden realization of what he had done struck him, he stared at his father in horror and shock. His mother had called the police during the fight, as he heard the sirens nearing closer all went black. When he awoke he found himself in the hospital, staring at a ceiling of pure white. As he reflected the night tears began to flow, he knew he had become just like his father. From that moment forward he promised to never raise a hand to another living creature as long as he lived. The Journey After the incident he moved in with distant family and graduated school, from there he attended his first peace protest. He came home that very night and decided he would spin a globe and go where ever his finger landed to spread the word of peace and to help those less fortunate than himself. He took a deep breath and placed a hand on the globe, closing his eyes he gave it a swift spin. As he exhaled he placed his finger on the globe, opening his eyes he saw it had landed on Chernarus. The next day he booked a flight, said goodbye to his family and left for the next chapter in his life. No one could have predicted what would happen just three years later, but not even this would discourage his mission. Likes Peace Music Colorful Clothing Meeting Friendly people Helping people Taking it easy Anything to do with peace and love Dislikes War Violence Aggression Racism Anything that gets in the way of peace and love
  10. Hammond Adams was born onto a farm in 1988. During his childhood he spent his time tending to the animals and playing as most young boys did. It wasn't until high school that he took up gem digging. At first he found little but as time progressed he began to find more and more until he was selling it in the local markets. After traveling to many places around the world in search of gems his travels led him to Chernarus. No more than a day after arriving he set off into the deep woods with several locations in mind. Spending months living in the woods he finally decided to return with what he had found. Upon walking across a field to the local town he noticed how quiet everything seemed, that was when he heard a gunshot. Ducking to the ground he scrambled to hide behind something, assuming the bullet was intended for him. Rather it was a man to his distant left, being attacked by what at the time seemed like an angry human. He laid there in the grass, watching as the human began to bite the man, even ripping his flesh from his bones. It was at that moment Hammond decided to head back into the woods and find another town. After hours of walking he came across the second town, this one wasn't as quiet as the first. As he lifted his binoculars to take a look he saw what the 'angry' humans truly were. He ran back into the woods, deciding he could make it on his own away from whatever creatures had infested the lands. After weeks of hiding out he found he couldn't stand the woods any longer, and so he decided it was time to face his fears and enter the hell that awaited.
  11. Clarence's mother was a nurse and his father a landscaper. As a young boy he would wander into the woods and stay there for hours, watching the wind blow through the leaves and listening to his favorite music. On his tenth birthday his grandmother bought him an expensive camera, this would spark his interest for photography. During his time in High School he began uploading his work to a blog, hoping somebody would notice and sure enough they did. For the next four years his work went on to feature on several news channels and his twitter page. He and his family decided to take a vacation on a cruise ship named the Costa Risacca. With him he brought several cameras, among them was his favorite polaroid camera. Clarence's family was assumed to have perished when it stuck the rocks. The only thing he managed to grab was the polaroid camera and his cd player, luckily they both took simple batteries easily obtained in Chernarus.
  12. *Static was heard before a man spoke over the radio* "Evening all, I'd like to take a moment to thank everyone that has taken note of our new radio station. We're working a few things out, maybe even a better schedule. As for the gentleman that requested Bitter Sweet Symphony, we will be checking our storage just for you. This has been the leader of Locust and the producer of 87.8 WJRI, Locust Radio, the entertainment of the apocalypse." *The broadcast ended*
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