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  1. Kyle Jones, was born 18/03/1990 making him 30 years of age, he was born in London UK, being a British white male. He is a bold man with a strong physique, which came to help him with his job, his blue eyes stood out the most when looking at him. he stood at 170cm tall and weighs around 75kg. His job caused him to have an accident with a stab wound in his chest leaving a reasonable sized scar behind. Part of the police force back in London he and his family decided to move away to another country. After the arrival of chernarus, the conflicts that broke out in the city center caused his girlfriend to be injured in the incidents she lost her life later that day in the hospital, after the war when the infection started to spread he tried to help as many people as possible with the skills he had learnt from his job, but everyone was in panic mode so he had to fend for himself. Running into the wild he tried to get away from popular areas that were causing havoc. He had to survive, he had some survival skills from when he went to camp, where he would help younger students learn to survive in the wild, such as how to craft a fire or use materials to build structures for shelter. he thinks of is wife everyday knowing he could join her up there but he some how feels responsible to help who ether he can in this distressing time. He had knowledge on to use rifles and hand guns which would hopefully help him in the adventures that he was going to be apart of, even if he has to defend himself from bandits.
  2. Thank you really appreciate that consideration that you guys have given, i will look forward to re-joining the server, thank you again
  3. Server and location: Server 1, Vybor Military Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Starting 2020-04-26, ~23:35 to 23:40 Your in game name: Karl nickleton Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: Karl nickleton Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None. My POV: Me and my friend met up in kabanino, we ventured down to the military camp, and we encountered a person with a green beret in combat with a zombie me and my friend and a conversation between our self's and he exclaimed that the green beret meant she or he was hostile and we didnt want to take our chances as he told me during our walk that he had bad times with them. We proceeded to hold her up and told her to stay put but we had a bit of miscommunication which lead to a bit of a mess trying to get her into the building. one doing so my friend accidentally handcuffed him self which led him to laugh in game which caused me to laugh to, which was and immature action but was not intended for the rp scenario. I then proceeded to handcuff the player, once doing so i did not talk much as i was concentrating on grabbing the loot so we could make a quick escape from the area as we did not want to draw attention to our self. As time went on i did not talk to the character which was my first mistake, also i removed everything from her access has i did not want her being able to grab the knife that i let her so i removed everything so that i did not have to remove evrything one by one which would have just been shit for her to pick it all up. We made made a lowsey excuse for the robbery and leaving the scenario it was immature for us to be laughing about the situation and giggling i don't believe this was the correct type of role play we should have been doing. I am very sorry for being this shit at the RP i hope that it will improve and that you will give us a chance to redeem our slefs from this situation. I am truly sorry again i hope you can forgive us.
  4. I can see how i had Bad RP im a seriously sorry for that, i think it was because i was in the moment and trying to talking the situation didn't seem needed as my friend was talking to you. The reason didn't seem good enough and i have realized i have made a mistake, i am sorry for the bad rp that we gave you and if we meet in the future then i will give better RP to you and any others that i will give to them as i want to enjoy this server as much as others do. I wish now that i have made the RP better and that i was immature about the situation. I am new to the server and want to have a good experience just as much as you guys.
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