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  1. How about this? For the Mentor program, create a faction of experienced players, and force new whitelists in it, as in, the new people that are being brought to the region are indebted to that faction. Be it helping them by going hunting with them or just straight up being manpower and cutting down trees or cooking food or whatever, just having to spend some time in there to know the ropes of what’s up here with the experience of being with the “mentor” faction. Then once their debt is paid they can leave said faction to do their own thing, or stay and help out. I’m not saying all they w
  2. When everyone's "base" settlement or house gets raided every few hours, multiple times a day, it discourages them to stay, sure if you see a place that looks awful and shows it has a full on country's worth of supplies stashed in go ahead. But smaller people trying to bring something into the server, like being smaller enclaves, regional traders, farmers, hunters, whatever, and they're scattered around the map to bring some life to all around the place, raiding them 3 times a day just pushes them away. Like IRL, if your city or neighbourhood is too dangerous to stay, you pack up and leave.
  3. Very well put. It might not directly follow this thread but if you go to the town south west, you see all the abandoned bases and houses people were setting up for days, once raided they just gave up, you might still see their empty lockers in some of the houses. I used to run into people a lot back there, but once their doors were taken down, it's become a wasteland. I know of 4 houses/base + my own group base which was raided 3!!!! times in the past 24 hours, we're not a small group, so our space was shared, but because of it some our guys lost a lot, and with the discouragement of
  4. By raiding a base you should also risk being killed then. It is not required to be a raider. Why is it stupid on an RP server in the post apocalypse setting to not defend the little belongings you have. The risk of being a raider should not just be "get off my lawn". If you want to raid a place that people have built, you should have a greater risk. Why is a far fetched idea that in this setting RP wise, that people that have lived through settlement being razed and seeing death and all that, for characters to fight to the death to protect their own settlements or houses or belongings like t
  5. Haven't ran into the PLIKT yet, but as said by others this is a staff faction which is heavily monitored and well they should be able to progress the lore without being gunned down all the time by the rest of the map so +1
  6. Tags real name is not known as his parents died shortly after he was born during a bandit raid on their settlement. A group of scavengers stumbled upon the old settlement a day after the attack and found him after hearing the sound “tag”, the only survivor of the settlement. The man who found him was a Russian hunter and gave him the last name Vezuchiy, lucky in Russian. They raised him as their own and showed him the ways, he later became a very capable survivor. The group mostly targeted old factories or power stations for their hunts for valuable machinery. Until a mine collaps
  7. It would be interesting if we could keep our characters and their gear (travel between the regions (with the server switch time limit of course)) to Re-settle or get away from hostile factions or just to do trade between factions on different sides of the country.
  8. Them rebels be leaving people butt naked ?
  9. It would've been a bit better if we could get a warning next time? Kind of lost most of my gear now...
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