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  1. Before the incident life was easier; we used cellular devices to communicate easily, fast motorized vehicles to get to A to B, and of course hot meals and delicious drinks that we always spoiled ourselves with, because that was how life was like. Now things have changed, and it especially has not changed for the better. Issac was a simple man who had interest in big game hunting and photography, so what better of a foreign place to travel to for hunting in huge thick forests, and at the same time receive breath taking views to photograph other than Chernarus? That was the idea in Issac's head before he purchased his two way ticket to Chernarus, and boarded his plane holding his twenty day Visa, and a backpack with enough resources to last in the foreign country for his entire vacation. Issac was excited to finally travel out of Canada to Europe to experience the change in culture, pace, and atmosphere, than his small Canadian town. It was hour's until Issac's plane finally landed upon an air-strip, and Issac departed and made his way to a bus stop. Issac saw in the distance his public transportation head swiftly down the road. Issac watched as the blue bus was making it's way to what he believed was his destination, but in surprise the bus swiftly drove past Issac and the bus stop in quite a hurry. Issac was dumb-founded by the poor service he was already given, but it wasn't long until he heard a familiar sound of pops and cracks coming from rifles and the whine of sirens in the distant towns, Issac believed the country was under terrorist attack again, from when he used to monitor all of the action from his home watching global news. Issac decided his life's worth and did not wish to be mauled by terrorists, he assumed, so he strapped his backpack on and began to walk up a civilian path from where his bus stop once was, and continued North East until he would find a suitable town for him to travel to and settle down in. This incident Issac faced was weeks ago. Now Issac resides in the deep Chernarus forest with minimal supplies, tattered clothes, and harsh cuts and bruises. He sit's in the woods, with his equipment scouting the area of which he should reside to for shelter. He would frequently think about how he should leave the country, as he would take glances here and there to his old Visa he was given at the beginning of his trip, he lights his paper Visa aflame with a lighter, regretting his flight and this nightmarish "Vacation", now Issac live's a constant reality of anxiety and fear for his life, and it will only get worse the longer he's alive.
  2. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://puu.sh/jjLaG/8c9430044d.png Why the verdict is not fair: Well to be perfectly honest, what I did here today was extremely detail my urination RP. And now I see I was banned for "Trolling". Now under those assumptions I would be banned for 7 days correct? Wrong, here it states my ban will NEVER be lifted. http://i.gyazo.com/f168d97174ab724daa3e98a4e382777f.pngc , So I believe not only is this a complete mis-understanding and not rule breaking offense, it is not even a permanent ban offense. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: To look back at this, I was in a hostage situation with bandits. I was then given a bathroom break because my character has been traveling quite a bit and has been consuming fluid. Now I pull down my pants, whip out my genitals, that are obviously not erect, and finally urinate onto the brick wall, then zip the pants back up. Now to look at the rules it states they have zero tollerance for racist, rape or immature Roleplay. Now that is understandable, but what I'm trying to see here is, how can peeing on a wall with great detail that only my character is involved with be racist, rape, or even immature. Ladies and Gentlemen we all pee and we all poop. That is not immature it is life. And how do we pee and poop? We pull out out genitals and begin to process. I simply repeated the process through text and get a permanent ban hammer for it? To talk about immersion I can't even RP peeing on a wall? And I'm no fool to just *pee's on wall* obviously I wish to RP it, thats why I'm in an RP community. Alot of worse things are said and seen by users that even the administration don't catch, but I'm pinned for doing a simple human process in detail. I call anarchy. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would much enjoy myself getting unbanned right away no doubt about it. Me being a donator and member of this community for almost a year, you expect me to break rules now? That's false. What could you have done better?: Now that I see that an RP community does not allow detailed bowels RP, I can see myself in the future not even using bathroom RP since I am not even capable of doing a simple urination without getting permanently banned.
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