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    Sweetjoe should jump in ts more

    1. SweetJoe


      I was on TS on and off all night. 

      but ill seek ya out next time!

  1. Welp time to jump in to Salt and aids which one I have no clue is better!

    1. SweetJoe


      First snow. 

  2. 10x Hall of Fame giveaway

    Same with this best of luck guys hope I win but whatever hope someone does.
  3. Computer giveaway

    Hey man i'm hopefully gonna win but yea who knows. Best of luck to everyone
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    They unbanned you and ive been still complaining. God im not observant.

    • Ark
    • Denton Fitz

    Oh look you're back.

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    • Denton Fitz

    Wtf Denton... why?

    1. SweetJoe


      Anti NAzi meme.


      No Anti-Naziism allowed Keira.

    • SweetJoe
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    Still banned for an Anti-Nazi Joke?


    Jesus I'm starting to believe they are sympathizing with the Nazis here.

    1. LouieRP



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    Why the fuck are you banned? 

    1. Hebee


      He posted a Nazi meme kinda on a group page, that's all I know. My response to him was deleted, that was one of the posts I was mentioning

    2. SweetJoe





      Got any SS?

    3. Hebee



    4. SweetJoe


      Screen-shots that is.

    5. Nihoolious


      he made some edgy memes on a group thread

    6. SweetJoe


      cause id like to see them

    7. Hebee


      I do not have a screenshot the yes was in response to the really

    8. SweetJoe


      why aint your V badge wearin ass on the TS?

    9. Hebee


      I am "Hard" at work. 

      Not in the sexual sense, however in that sense I am quite flaccid

    10. SweetJoe


  4. Timothy Baldwin

    Timothy Baldwin as a child was interested in the betterment of man but as a child of course his ideas were about exploring space and furthering mankind's reaches into the stars. But as he got older his views shortened as a young boy he was entertained by the study of the body and how it worked of course the Health class messed with him and how Puberty happened but he got passed that and found out that health offered a variety of major fields to help everyone. Of course being a combat surgeon or medic on the field was something of childhood fantasy's but as he matured and reached highschool his views were slowed down and akeen to a more realistic job. His views at highschool were about becoming an EMT in a small city but with all things the college payments were to high and well as most everyone knows working those payments off is hard to do. He was looking for some way to get it and through his religion and hope for the future he was given a chance at it, his dreams came true as the church would pay the way to college, when he arrived to college things weren't as they seemed he saw all kinds of atrocities to the church and was appealed by the methods used to collect new data on the human body. Upon his leaving of the college he went to a school taught by the church, he received a medical agree. He also later due to his dedication become a missionary as where to travel to lesser fortunate country's. He was taught by the missionary teachings to be okay in a hostile situation, he was taught to comply and do as the person said. Sadly he grew a fear to guns, when the church asked him to at least learn how to fire a basic firearm he hesitantly did it, his fear of guns has limited him down to only using a pistol and even at that he has to close his eyes before shooting it. He traveled to the country of Chernarus, his car ride was cut short to the town of Chernogorsk as he was stopped in the city of Gorka, the military were banning any and all from leaving the city of Gorka, during his,"Stop" in the town he was learning about the killings and murdurs of the locals by the insane. On his last day of being civilized he was walking down a side street when he witnessed a man being mauled then eaten overcome by fear he ran to the nearest checkpoint only to find the military over run with the newly called,"Zombies" He darted off trying to get away from the fallen city where he was able to pick up a new set of cloths for his shoes had ripped while he was running, and that's the point up until here. Maybe one day i'll give a fuck about this background shit.
  5. As long as you include stalls for me and my work so I can right back to blowing all of them.
  6. So uh, is this group gonna be like CTC all over again with the shitty tradepost that caused me to start blowing on fags?
  7. Dead Server

    TFAR Killed it for me, I just can't be bothered to set that up. Let alone wanna jump in to a game with it.
  8. TBH we all shouldn't kid around when the link is a link to the game even if it is aids to send that link as a thing that might link to the new lore yea we should all shut our mouths not like a jokes after joke is right ya know. Who knows though. Hail our leaders.

  9. Q: Why are there no fertility clinics in Arkansas?

    A: Sooner or later, they find a potent cousin.


    Dun dun, Man I find this type of humor just amazing. I just wanted to share the love.