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  1. Denton Fitz

    Suggestions: Medical Jacket/Vest/Backpack

    We all wear black at the EMS service that I work for.
  2. GaryCash

    • GaryCash
    • Denton Fitz


  3. Denton Fitz

    The Cavaliers [Recruitment Open]

    Ah I see very good, we so hope to share another thrilling platter of food with the Lord and Dugby, do tell him I wish him well in building your pleasure palace.
  4. Denton Fitz

    The Cavaliers [Recruitment Open]

    Sounds Tight. I was wondering what was poppin, How goes the hole Dugby situation you civilize him yet?
  5. Denton Fitz

    The Cavaliers [Recruitment Open]

    Haven't seen you folks in awhile whats going on Homeslice's?
  6. Denton Fitz

    The Cavaliers [Recruitment Open]

    Good Boys, it was fun having a quaint little dinner with you Fine folks. The only two we've met is Ashwood and Dugby it was fun, Hope the Peaches and Steak go down well with that Fizzy drinks.
  7. Denton Fitz

    Opioid addiction & dependency - v2

    Naloxone Is a great drug, I give the thumbs up, I've used it and seen it been used multiple times its a wonder drug. Its quite often and usually called Narcan as per its brand name, I wouldn't think this third world country would have alot of it just hanging around though as either it would have expired by now but hey.
  8. Denton Fitz

    Item shop.

    I fully agree its pretty stupid I pay like Nine Euros and its like Eleven hours to use it again after each use. I mean I get a cooldown but Eleven hours..... And its on each Catagory I agree my man.... Its pretty shitty.
  9. Denton Was born on a cold day one November day when the sun didn't shine and the moon didn't rise, from his birth he was a special kid, not mentally challenged but different, in his grade school he was facisnated by everything the human body was and wasn't dedicating himself to disecting frogs and the like. Upon reaching middle school he started working on more things that relate to medical such as anatomy, biology and of course disecting piglets. After his highschool was uneventful he went on to become somthing of a mystery going and working for nonprofit peace groups that traveled around the world helping those in need.
  10. Denton Fitz

    Irradiated Military Base

    So i'm a tad confused on this as to per what we mean by radiation and as to what type of radiation? Cuss those factors alone really change what were talking about for example a single type of radiation like Alpha waves which paper can stop or Neutron waves to which effect even concrete doesn't stop. I'm just questioning about this as if we don't specify what type of radiation then welp its hard to really say what type of gear is needed.
  11. Denton Fitz

    Bad Module?

    Its a common glitch that happens across the server to everyone, i've had it happen when I open my bag or open the car trunk of a car, the only fix I find is to relog back on and it might happen again.
  12. Denton Fitz


    I'm not for Terry group's but uh, you do you do.
  14. SweetJoe

Sweetjoe should jump in ts more

  1. SweetJoe


    I was on TS on and off all night. 

    but ill seek ya out next time!

  • Denton Fitz

    Denton Fitz

    Welp time to jump in to Salt and aids which one I have no clue is better!

    1. SweetJoe


      First snow. 

  • Denton Fitz

    10x Hall of Fame giveaway

    Same with this best of luck guys hope I win but whatever hope someone does.
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