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  1. Shit got postponed...... Welp big rip on staff. That was a real fucking
  2. I think this is a slippery slope I mean my fear is simply when you take baby steps at silencing others it tends to only get worse as somehow and someway you will offend somebody either way. I mean shit the people were trying to protect with this rule cant even figure out a final term to use for themselves it changes daily. It says Transphobic if I dont agree with that and call them something different then what they want to deem themselves as is that transphobic? We claim we want more voices in the community just not the peoples who disagree and wont suck the shit out of the others mouths of which they dont agree with. And as for the racist black shit I could care less about it, if you wanna let words hurt you then go ahead and be a snowflake.

  4. Hey buddy, I just wanted to show this Ranking of Police I don't know how unilateral it is across the planet but here it is anyways at least this is run in the city I work for. Chief Assistant Chief Captain Lieutenant Sergeant Officer
  5. *A Cheery Voice is heard from the radio* Well Hi all again this is Initiative Operator Zeb again, It was brought to my attention that maybe all the names on our tourist map are not uh, up to date. Well either way in this rendition to clarify that Stonington is at least on my little tourist guide, is the largest Town.... Uh... City, Yea City. Okay moving on in more recent news, The weather has held up with a wonderful 22C so you can lose those those heavy winter hats my friends. When we get back i'll get you some more news but enjoy the brake with this local ditty. *Music is heard and after the it ends the voice returns* We are back with everything you need to know, well more on the story of Attacks in the lower area of Deer isle, we have doing work in to looking in to these claims and have found it to be mostly true with the new additions being of that it started off as a Hot Breaking and Entering, When the Property Owners opened fire on the said Attackers, Leading to our reports to at least Three dead. With the outbreak of Violence in the area we recommend everyone stay safe out there. We wanted to get in touch with locals on the island to understand the climate of this Chernorussian area and found that most people on the island that are Natives or rather natives to the greater region are rather very accepting to the presence of outsiders as long as those outsiders are willing to be tolerant, in any case we advise all to be kind guests while we all stay abroad from our perspective homelands. As always we want to end this Initiative news with our simple reminder, we end it with our shout out to those trying to make it day to day on this Beautiful island, Stay safe out there folks and with that I play this little tune for you fine folks out there. Operative Zeb Signing off. *Music is Heard and at the end of the song the channel goes quiet.*
  6. *Static Is heard before a cheery voice bounces from it* Hi all again this is Initiative Operator Zeb here, just wanting to touch base again with you all. Its been a wonderful couple of days weather wise with mild wind and a low hanging fog in the morning's. I want to remind everyone that currently the Drooler's threat level on this island is quite high almost like something has them stirred up. If you are hearing this just remember quiet is safe and loud and proud is dead. We over here at the Initiative just want to give some tips out for you fine folks traveling the weary roads, if you run across any strangers approach with caution as crimes have been reported along the Stonington area keep your guard up and keep alive, remember that your life is more important then your wallet. In more daily news do keep safe as a recent wave of rather hostile individuals have been reported attacking and attempting to steal from any local settlements in the lower Deer Isle area be on the lookout. For the final message of the day we end it with our shout out to those trying to make it day to day on this Beautiful island, Stay safe out there folks and with that I play this little tune of you fine folks out there. Operative Zeb Signing off. *A Song is played through the radio at the end of the song static cuts in on the channel before fading out*
  7. Good times finding uh... Your litttle shack shall we say sorry for the briefness I was a tad sick and was trying to get things done. Dom is a nice guy. Otherwise im gonna look foward to running into you fine folks some more.
  8. Nice place you folks got there, otherwise a little defencive I would be to if someone walked up on my doorstep.
  9. *A large amount of static is heard from the radio as a voice comes through* Well hello out there this is initiative Operator Zeb, its a wonderful 23C out side and cloud coverage is minimal, As always watch out for the larger towns and city's as the slobbering mass's are still about. If your looking for an easy way to get around we over here at the Initiative say better to be quiet and alive then loud and dead. Welp, we would like to give a shout out to those out there trying to make it day to day on this beautiful island, Stay safe out there folks. Operative Zeb signing off. *Static cuts in on the channel before fading out*
  10. *Hearing talk of someone needing help* Hello, This is Operative Zeb in the area, if you need help with anything medical related what little we have can be shared just contact us over our Radio frequency at 94.6, The initiative is more then willing to help!* *Static is heard following the message*
  11. Log: 2 - Day 5 Upon arriving to a supposed friendly rendezvous we found, what was left of a previous Cerberus Team, Shit there was nothing left, all we found was some notes pointing north to a POI. After a long hike into the north we found this weird almost secluded little patch of tree's and then a spire with a guarded entrance, well probably was guarded at one point. Upon examination by units we found it went down at least half a mile down under the surface, it felt like some sort of old military complex, after we dug around for some time we found some old notes and holding cells, They were filled old rags and bloody stains, the research notes going on about the virus most wasn't use able. Whatever got loose I mean something must have got loose. We found two of these steel blast door ripped asunder. Whatever ripped those down we don't wanna tangle with. Surprisingly though these research notes don't contain any indicators who they were reporting to, my unit thinks we stumbled upon a black site of sorts for some group. We investigated the caves attached to the facility there was a lot of bloody trails leading off in to the caves we barely went in there before a stench overpowered us and Operative John was pointing to some mass of Bodies writhing about, we bugged out before we could grab any samples of it. I'll be damned if any of my team goes back down there to die for something I think is useless. End log Two day Five, Cerberus Initiative continuing work in the Isle of Deer or hell I haven't figured it out yet.
  12. Log: 1 - Day 3 Log One On Jelení Ostrov as I think its known Deer Isle, been on the Island for roughly Three days now, since our deployment things have went somewhat chaotic, locals are not as friendly as projected what are left are overly aggressive and currently not offering much in the way of aid to one another yes yesterday the Bird we saw flying around came thundering down, Couldn't say what took it down, hey maybe its God who knows if it is then at least he hasn't abandoned us yet. Victims at crash site, A&Ox0, Bilateral Mid-shaft Femur Fractures, distended stomach, Superior humerus Fractures, sucking chest wound, Obvious signs of Death noted. With those injury's who wouldn't expire. Its apparent that with the current situation here were gonna be deployed a lot longer then I thought, in any case this is Cerberus Operative Zeb signing off.
  13. I think base building is great but I want actual settlements back in, Base building is limited in its current state as we all know, i'm all for it but again you can do much better in editors then you can in game, I want to go back to the grandness of approaching Solice, Ravens Nest, Altar Castle etc, Those moments really impact you as moments of Wow i'm not in kansas anymore.
  14. If your in Refrence to the new sickness that plagues our lands, then the only thing I found to help was Multi vitamins and Tetra pills with Multis just helping allow you to eat more food and drink more water.
  15. Hey you folks run into a man by the name of Zeb
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